Saludos desde Buenos Aires

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  1. Agradezco mucho me dejen compartir tan interesante foro. Soy Oficial de la Policia Federal Argentina, profesor insturctor de tiro y usuario de glock desde aproximadamente mas de 15 años. tengo en estos momentos dos g 17, una negra y otra verde. las cuales porto en forma alternativa en mi servicio. Saludos a todos. Y lo que pueda ser util desde Argentina a sus ordenes

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  2. Say what? :headscratch:

  3. This is what I got from the Bing translator Bac.

    Thank you let me share this interesting forum. I am police official Federal Argentina, Professor insturctor of shooting and user of glock from approximately more than 15 years. I have these two g 17 times, one black and another Green. which porto alternatively in my service. Greetings to all. And what can be useful from Argentina to their orders
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. :cool:

  6. :welcome: to GT
  7. No hay problema Bac, no fue gran cosa.


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    Welcome, I have been to Argentina, you Portenos?

    In Argentina the Washington Monument is in the middle of the road...:rofl:


    Do you know where this famous tree is?

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  10. El arbol se encuentra en el parque que se encuentra en Recoleta, justo delante de la puerta del cementerio. Un abrazo
  11. Welcome. I hope you like it here. Thanks for joining.
  12. In the park, in front of the Colon opera house. Otherwise, it's the one in the park in front of Retiro station. Theres on like it at Recoleta, and one near the flea market.

    To the OP, hola Che!

    Lived in BA for about 5 yrs. Great place. Miss the carritos.
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  13. Very cool :cool:
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    Recoleta! Also, overrun by feral cats when I was there...

    Eva Peron...:faint:

    Spent many a hot night in San Telmo:wow:
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  15. Bienvenido al foro!
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    :welcome: From Michigan!

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