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Safety Ditty

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by rayzer007, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. rayzer007


    Mar 2, 2012
    lackawanna, ny
    Hi Mas;
    In one of your articles or books you stated a clever line about mistakes regarding "unloaded" revolvers vs semi-autos (something like "... but it only takes a second with a semi-automatic"). I wish I had written it down. Any chance you remember the little ditty? Thanks!
  2. Mas Ayoob

    Mas Ayoob KoolAidAntidote Moderator

    Nov 6, 2005
    I believe it went something like, "You have to be incredibly (expletive deleted) stupid to have an accidental discharge with a double action only revolver, and just a little stupid for just a second to have one with a semiautomatic pistol."