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Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Mountainview, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. I believe very strongly in not telling people about any of my preps. I think it's an important rule to live by.

    I've never heard of Sturdy Safe, but they look like a decent product. I'll have to do some research on them.

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  2. I think I'm down to a Knox, AMSEC, or a Sturdy safe. I'm not sure I can go wrong with any of them.

  3. If you haven't already, check out [ame=""]this video[/ame]. Amazing amount of information. The guy who owns this shop is pretty awesome too. I called him for further information and, knowing I wouldn't be buying from him, spent a lot of time talking me through everything.
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    It being recesses into the concrete is awsome.. I agree that even a saws-all wont get into that without alot of time and effort.
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    Safes are just about time... the key is to insure that nobody knows about it and are not inclined to try and get into it because nowadays, battery powered tool can get into one.

    heck, i just noticed that I already commented to this thread a year ago LOL..
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  6. "If things get bad"? Things will "be bad" the first time someone breaks in and takes your guns. Too late then.

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