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S&W snub finishes-acid sweat

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by 1canvas, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. some time ago i bought a 642 and had issues with the finish of clear over aluminum, it started peeling then pitting in the aluminum. my 640 will get rust under the grip. i wanted something to carry in the hot summer but my sweat is like battery acid. well that brings me to the 442. is that black an anodized finish on the 442? i figure that would be my best bet to protect the gun from my acid sweat.
    i am also going to look at the ruger LCR. all of the posts i have read had such good reviews i'll have to check them out. with the plastic frame i shouldn't have any issues with sweat. would the holsters for my j-frames fit the LCR?
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  2. Chup


    Feb 11, 2008
    N. Ohio
    I have seen the problems with the 642 finish. Our shop had to send a couple of them back for repair. I carried a 442 for a full year in my pocket and it still looked new. I am not sure how it will handle body sweat. I have been carrying the LCR 357 in my pocket since last summer. As for using the same holster, If it is a generic holster it will fit but, the big buck fitted holsters will not. I don't as a rule buy the fitted leather holsters because I rotate my carry guns. I have a Concealment Concepts leather holster for my snub guns. It's a inexpensive holster that has a good strong steel clip and will accommodate my 617 Taurus, Sp101 Ruger, or My LCR357. I only carry the 442 in a pocket. Be for you buy another gun why not send yours off to Robar for an NP3 or whatever finish. Check into some of the different finishes you can have on your guns to protect them.

  3. i never thought of other finishes, thanks.
  4. 2ac


    Apr 12, 2007
    I too have acid sweat, I'll leave rusty prints on my steel parts in the warm summer if I'm not carfull. That being said, I've been pocket carrying a M&P 340 since they where available. Maybe a little rust on the cylinder release now and then, but that's it. It lives in a nemesis holster and is showing wear on some of the corners. Hope that helps.
    The Np3+ would be pretty nice though. But first I'd send it to S&W for warranty. I'd imagine they would replace it or refinish it. I just wouldn't plate over that pitting. It will still be cheaper to Np3 a new 642 than buying a new M&P.
  5. the frame was already replaced and i gave it to my wife.