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S&W Model 64

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Sam Spade, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Sam Spade

    Sam Spade Staff Member Lifetime Member

    May 4, 2003
    Okay old farts and gun guys. Looking for some advice and feedback.

    I'm considering buying a Model 64. J&G Sales has several flavors of old ("new" or "recent" if you're named after a blackpowder pistol and have someone's bust size in your screen name) police trade-ins in stock:

    Someone tell me about the relative utility of square vs round butt and any pluses to the NY1 flavor? TIA
  2. razdog76

    razdog76 Heavy Mettle

    Sep 26, 2007
    Well, the round butts are slightly easier to conceal, and IMHO is the way to go because there are a plethora of companies that make grips to fit it with the square butt external profile. Just gives a little more flexibility.

    As far as NY-1 triggers go, I believe they are DA only, and in the 12# neighborhood. If the price is right, you will likely need to replace all of the springs anyway.

    If your are interested in a decent S&W revolver, may I suggest a model 65, same features as the 64 except the ability to shoot .357 too, but either are fine guns.

  3. I do believe, technically, bust sizes are measured in A, B, C, D, etc... I could be wrong but I'm not going to get into a tit-for-tat argument over it.
  4. I suspect the OP was intentionally beating around the bush to avoid an ass beating. :rofl:
  5. That's probably about what you would pay on Gunbroker. IMHO, buying a used revolver on the Internet is a bit risky. I have no idea what it would take to resolve a timing issue, for example, but that would be a deal breaker for me.

    I would look for a round butt M65 with a 3 inch barrel. There should be plenty om Gunbroker. Or, with an M64, I would think you would be safe with .38 +P+. Does anyone know for sure on this?


    Here is an M64 that I found at a glance on Gunbroker. Looks like the prices are fairly similar, although the M65s are solid gold now.

    I would stick with Gunbroker for a used service revolver, and deal with a seller that has a lot of good feedback. I would also stay away from models like this one with a dash after the model. NCDOC had a bunch of M65s with the dash, and they were pure junk. The older Smiths, without the dash, are still good, solid guns.
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  6. That may be true, but nevertheless, he got busted. :whistling:
  7. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Sep 15, 2003
    Not a LE guy, but I can speak for the 64.
    I love the thing, it's a NY1 config, has about a 10lb DAO trigger and is very smooth.
    +P ammo should be cake in any numbered model K frame (generally speaking, post WWII).
    Last time out, I ran a box of +P 135gr Gold Dots from it at the local outdoor range, shooting at 25yrds. The sights are dead-on with 158gr as you'd expect, but the 135gr is pretty close enough from the heavy barreled 4" guns.
    I like the sq butt with a Tyler insert, prefer round on the K frame snubby.


    Very easy gun to shoot fast and accurate if you're familiar with DA revolver triggers.
  8. I knew it. I try to say something constructive, and along comes some weisenheimer.... :supergrin:
  9. BamaTrooper

    BamaTrooper Almost Done

    Sep 12, 2006
    Rocking Chair
    Well just keep us abreast of the situation.
  10. BamaTrooper

    BamaTrooper Almost Done

    Sep 12, 2006
    Rocking Chair
    Sam, I have a pair of round butt 65s that are 3" guns and a sb 4" 13. The rbs are a little easier to conceal. The actions are nice but I don't have the DAO modifications; I suppose you could replace the hammer if you wanted.
  11. Sam Spade

    Sam Spade Staff Member Lifetime Member

    May 4, 2003
    Thanks, guys, keep it coming (and PG).

    I understand the perils in the Internet. J&G is a (long) day trip for me, and I'll be able to fondle ahead of purchase, so I can hunt for the gun that calls my name. I'm wondering more about carry and handling and shooting traits.

    Maybe I'll visit Bucky's statue while I'm there.
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  12. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Sep 15, 2003
    +1 on the fondle first.
    Rnd butts are nicer to fondle, the DA shooting works better with the Sq butt.
  13. Round butts are easier to conceal and have smaller grips. Round butts are mainly on the shorter barrel guns for that reason. There are grips that are made for the round butt that make it into the square butt profile. In addition Hogue makes a grip that completely wraps around the round grip. I have both and prefer the round butt because of the versatility. As for the NY trigger setup I can't say, I've never handled one.
  14. I carried Mod.10 4" and 2" in both round and square butt for many years. They're cousins of the 65 and, as mentioned, the RB is a tad easier to conceal. IMHO, you can't go wrong with either one and they're extremely accurate with 158gr rounds. Let us know which version you decide to purchase....:wavey:
  15. Mayhem like Me

    Mayhem like Me Semper Paratus

    Mar 13, 2001
    Not a chance
    My vote is round butt bobbed hammer...with the round butt you can use either grip size

    I have a 3 inch 65 basically the same gun but a magnum. I wore it for two years as my ankle gun
  16. mikegun


    Jun 22, 2006
    i carried a mod 19 4in and 2.5 in for 20 yrs ref to transition to auto as i wishedf to keep wheelgun, pulled it off for 20 plus yrs, then forced intop Smith 9mm auto...i just shot the revolver better and did not feel i needed all the bullets...
  17. EOD3


    Oct 19, 2000
    The model 64 isn't my cup of tea but, I'm a big fan of the model 65 with a 3" barrel.
  18. ChiefWPD


    Dec 25, 2004

    The S&W 64 is one of the finest revolvers made. If you should get one that shoots right on point of aim you should keep it forever. They are very, very accurate handguns (with the right ammo, of course). My old service revolver (model 10, the blued version of the 64) is my favorite handgun (and I own a bunch...). On occasion I would use it for testing ammo accuracy (via a Ransom Rest) at the Firearms & Tactics Section outdoor range. With the right ammo it would put all it's rounds in less than a 1" circle at 25 yards. Really.

    Round butt or square? Can't go wrong with either one. I own, among other revolvers, a 4" model 19 with a round butt and a couple of model 10s with square. Love 'em all.

    Go buy one. Trust me on this one. :wavey:
  19. :agree: I kick myself for selling off my Mod. 10 / M&P 2" and 4" revolvers. When my former agency switched over to semi-autos, guys were practically giving them away......:faint:
  20. BamaTrooper

    BamaTrooper Almost Done

    Sep 12, 2006
    Rocking Chair
    Chief, I have been thinking about getting 3 or 4 of the J&G 64s to have as loaners and camp guns and trainers and such. They are so simple, so reliable, I can't think of a better starting gun.

    Lots of 158 SWC and RN reloads for practice and I would love to find some 158 LSWCHP.