S&W M25 in 45 Colt?

Discussion in 'The Wheelhouse' started by spcwes, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. So been looking for another N frame for my collection and was curious if anyone knew (not much on the history) of a 4" 45 Colt that is about the same gun as the M25.

    Seems to me I looked through a gunrag that had an article about fighting wheel guns and a fella on there had one that was exactly like the classic M25 S&W recently re-made but in 45 Colt. Thanks!

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  3. TKM

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  4. Not it, but thanks for the post. This gun looked like the classic retro remake of the M25 45ACP but was in 45 Colt. Not sure if it was a custom model or a very rare one.
  5. I'm not sure which exact gun you are looking at. Most model 25's were made in .45 ACP. However, several were also chanbered in .45 Colt. While not as common as the .45 ACP 25's they are certainly not rare. If it is an older one I would think the 4" BBL would be on the scarce side. But it may also be just a rebarreled gun.

    I would like to find a nice 25 in .45 Colt. I already have a pre 25 and 625 in .45 ACP.

    The gun should have a dash number. IE 25-2, 25-3 etc. If you knew this it would help with your research.
  6. Yea I don't know, been thinking about contacting Dr. Topper to see if it was him that had it. IIRC it was him that wrote the article and the one firing the weapon. But yea it was a 4" and looked exactly like the classic m25 but was in 45 Colt. Kind of dreamy to me hope I can find one.
  7. thisaway


    Probably a M25-5
  8. TKM

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    One just came up for sale on Calguns.

    Nice gun, not sure if it is $1100 nice but who is to say.:dunno:
  9. Can you show a link to that please? I have gone back 5 pages looking for it and can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  10. Fox

    Fox Varmit Control

    S&W M25-2 .45 ACP

    S&W M25-5 .45 Colt
  11. Yea we got that part, was trying to figure out if there was a 4" model made that was a fixed sight classic (think the TR 44spl model) or if it was a custom cut down.
  12. thisaway


    I own a Model 22-4 "Thunder Ranch" .45ACP revolver that has a 4-inch barrel with fixed sights. Looks like a Model 10 on steroids.
  13. The weapon I looked in that magazine was exactly the same as the one you mention here but in 45 Colt! That is what I am looking for lol.
  14. TKM

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  15. Mushinto

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    S&W M25-5, Jovino Effector


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