S&W M&P Sport in stock

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by mingaa, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Already gone!

  2. They were in stock when I looked at 12:47 central so must have sol out shortly after.

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    Foe a couple hundred more anyone can build a much better quality AR then the M&P Sport.
  4. That may be true, however , there is not another factory built rifle that is the same or better quality sold at the price point of the Sport.
  5. I haven't found a reason the attraction to the m&p sport. I guess it is a better alternative than dpms though.
  6. The attraction is that it is a complete rifle, from a reputable manufacturer with a lifetime warranty for $600. It is a great rifle for those who want to go to the range, shoot friendly competitions, hunt, etc that do not need everything to be mil-spec. You know, the average Joe, instead of the GI Joe. :supergrin:

    It does everything the average shooter wants a rifle to do, at a price point that doesn't break the bank. The average shooter does not put thousands of rounds through it every month, is not LE, is not military, etc... It has opened up the AR platform to many that would otherwise not have an AR, and that is a good thing in my opinion.
  7. Well said M8!!
  8. JaPes

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    It sure does. 1 year manufacturer warranty, Limited Lifetime Service Warranty.

    Even though I'm not G.I. Joe, can I subscribe to the ethos "Knowing is half the battle."?

    All kidding aside, cyphertext is right on. ^ That is me.
  9. :wavey:

    case in point. i was in a position and opportunity to purchase one. for me it wasnt about save a little more for the pony. it was spend it now or it will get lost in the bills.
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  10. Absolutely correct! People can pit them down all they like, but the fact remains LGS can't keep enough of them in stock.
  11. I ain't putting them down. Doesn't dmps have a rifle similar w/o the same features? Comparing the two S&W wins. I just like the features that it lacks. :tongueout:
  12. Yep - and due to the lack of availability of the S&W I'm one of the chumps that bought a $600 DPMS. So far the gun has shot accurately and trouble free (close to 1,000 rds) and DPMS support has been quite good. Having this gun now (with practice time) will get me into 3gun in 2012 (a personal goal) - I had the Vortex SPARC red dot on another gun. It has a 2 MOA dot which covers a lot of target at 100 yds. My iron sights are basic and good to about the same distance due mostly to my 54 year young eyesight - not quite as accurate. Some day Powerball or Mega Millions may allow me to get into the dream gun category. I'd say that I have good to very good guns across the board and noob that I am to ARs I'd include the S&W and the DPMS in that. I've been pre-flamed for mentioning the "D" word on the forum in the past - I also have a Kahr CW9 (you know, the affordable one) AND I have been known to buy LEO trade in Glocks and Sigs. *climbs under his desk*

    Current state of DPMS
    only 75 yds after zero but WTF!

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  13. Got a higher res link that is readable? :whistling:
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  15. Since you asked....
  16. Yeah, I was watching Doublestars at the same time and though I never shot one I liked what I read. There were none to be found and I sat on my budget for as long as I could. But, yeah S&W and DS were both above DPMS on my list. Still, I won't say that I am unhappy. The gun performs and I'm learning. I'm new to optics as well and thought a 2MOA dot would do better at 100yds. Now I'm thinking about fairly low powered adjustable scopes. Input appreciated. I want the AR shooting farther than my AK. It's more accurate for sure. I don't want to completely lose it's closer quarters usefulness - maybe think BUIS to 50 Yds??
  17. I make solid, repeatable hits on MoM size targets at 150 with a 4MOA Aimpoint and a Mk. 18 upper, shooting M193. A 2MOA dot and 16" gun will be a cakewalk.

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