S&W M&P 340 CT -- Questions for my wife

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Glock30Eric, Oct 31, 2011.

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    My wife and I had a discussion to get a gun for my wife. She felt that she needs a gun for herself. She have been noticing that the more people are getting crazy in this economy and she is 5&#8217;4, 125 lbs lady. She is very pretty and a lot of men are hitting on her. So she wants a pistol to defend her life from those crazy people.
    She hunts with her Remington 700 SPS .30-06 and she likes the bolt action rifle due to its simple rifle system. She expressed her feeling to me that she is kind of uncomfortable with the pistols because she heard many stories about it. The pistols also overwhelm her with the pistol&#8217;s features such as magazine release, pulling slide, and etc. So, I took my wife to a gun store to feel several guns from semi-auto pistol to revolvers. She didn&#8217;t like the auto pistols because it was hard for her to pull the slide. I told her that if she gets a semi-auto pistol then she will have to worry about the stove pipe, double-feed, safety, magazine release, and you&#8217;ll need to practice often with it. She didn&#8217;t want to go to that area because she just wants a simple functional pistol. Therefore, we agreed that the revolver gun is best fit for her need.
    She tried several of reovlver guns and she pointed to this revolver, S&W M&P 340CT. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/...57767_757751_757751_ProductDisplayErrorView_Y

    She likes it very much because it is light, compact, and easy for her to use it. It also have laser on it and it made her to fall in love with this revolver. I do understand why she loves this revolver. I have several things in my mind that I need to address. Could my wife handle .357 mag or .38 SPL? Is the alloy frame strong enough to handle any situation? Could it handle .357 +P+? Heavy loads? What is the limitation with this reovlvers?
    Anyway, we are in a rurual area, where we don&#8217;t have a range that we could rent the revolver for my wife to fire it before we could purchase it.
    Anyway I am bringing this up to ask several of you fols with S&W M&P 340CT.
    If you are a lady and uses S&W M&P 340CT, could you please chime in with your opinion/experience with the revolver? What load do you use in it? .357 mag or .38 SPL? Could you handle the blast from this small barrel of the revolver?
    Guys, if you know any of limitation with this revolver and please school me on it.
    Is the alloy frame good? Do I need to be concerned with the ally frame?
    Thank you for your time to read this thread.

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  3. Chup

    I have no experience with that Gun. I have herd they are brutal to shoot with 357 Mag. ammo and no picnic with 38+P. I have a 442 that doesn't seem to bad with 38+P but, I am not a little Lady. I do have experience with the Ruger LCR 357. It has the Tamer Grip. This Grip makes shooting 357 Mag. painless for me. 38+P is mild and very nice to shoot. 38 Special was boring. If she goes with the Smith & Wesson I would go with a heavier Gun. She could always change grips or shoot 38+P Ammo. Check on You Tube. People show all kinds of Guns there and since you can't test any you may get some ideas. I wish you were close to me I would let her try a couple I have.

  4. Will let you know soon...

    I am about to take delivery on a new 340 M&P No lock.

    Full report to follow (give me a week or two...)

    Go to the High Road forum and search for 340 M&P...they have a thread that is literally hundreds of pages long!
  5. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    Ok let me know how it went! :)

    Do you have 640 or 642 as well?
  6. No, I do not have 640 or 642...
    I do have a 66 snub, but that is the larger K frame.

    I might get a 442/642, just because they are so affordable, and being made without the internal lock.
  7. Ganesh

    Ganesh Okie 4 Life

    I can answer yer questions some. I own one of these beasts. My daily carry as we speak and sittin in front of me right now...is a S&W 340 M&P. She is very light...tho there are lighter....340 PD with titanium cylinders.

    You may get people here that say, they are fine with .357s in em. And they are, they hold up very well. I shoot standard .38s, .38+Ps, and .357s out of her. Not sure of a " .357+P+ " Sounds like a load made for a thompson center contender. Tho Ive put carry load .357s and the like. She holds up fine to buffalo bore and double tap loads.

    I put at least a few cylinders of .357 through her each session or at least try to. It is a divorce to shoot .357s out of. Dont let anyone lie you outta that one. You put a box of .357s through her in one sitting and you will have a swollen hand.

    I dont shoot her as much as my other pistols or revolvers. I try to at least once a month to twice a month to put 1 to 2 boxes of standard .38, a box of .38+p and at least 2 cylinders of full .357 out of her...at the least....low to mild .357s like remington umc's or WWB 110s outta her in every shooting session.

    Ive got about 3000 rounds through her...and she seems to be fine. Tho, my cylinder seems to have a wee bit movement in her that I dont remember being there when I bought her new.

    I dont know of a reputable gunsmith in my area. Anyone know of a good company that one could ship their "baby" to thats got a great reputation?

    The DLC coating on my cylinder is wearing thin in areas and It would be nice to get an overhaul on her and a good check-up just to be safe.
  8. Ganesh

    Ganesh Okie 4 Life

    Oh and FWIW...I do carry .357s in her....but most of the time thats when im out in the fields and its more of a solid hunting load. Daily carry for " Two legged game " is Double Tap's .38 Special +P 125gr. Bonded Defense JHP. I feel it will get the job done everytime. And much easier to control.

    You wanna carry .357s for defense, got no arguements there. I just feel more confident knowing Im much more accurate and controlled with .38s out of her.:wavey:
  9. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP


    Thank you!!

    Do you feel that you are under powered with .38 +P Spl against a heavy guy?
  10. jwhite75

    jwhite75 Gubmint Worker

    I have the 340 M&P. I am 6'3" 285. Shooting the .357 out of it is like a firecracker going off in your hand. The extra cushion of thise CT grips may help some, but it is brutal. I have the standard Hogue rubbers. It is super light and very concealable. People will say the 442/642 is just fine, but I do like the little bit less weight of the scandium model, and the ability to change out sights with out major gunsmithing. The XS night sight is very nice though.

    That all being said I practice with .38 and then fire a cylinder of .357 out of it to remember it, because I carry Gold Dot Short Barrel .357.

    If you want the best of both worlds I suggest you get her a 342. will run .38 +p and is scandium frame, plus the good front sight. Like the one below.

  11. I have a 442 and I shoot standard pressure .38S&W ammo. I also carry standard pressure ammo. I would not advise any woman or many men -- especially those who are not going to practices lots and lots -- to shoot or carry an ultralight snubbie with +P .38S&W or any ammo in .357.

    If you can't control the recoil, you're not going to shoot well. If it hurts to practice, then you won't practice.
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  12. I agree totally with the perfesser. I have a 442, which is lightweight alloy framed. It's brutal shooting regular pressure .38s out of it and I've been shooting revolvers for over 30 years. I have a 640, which is solid stainless steel. No problem shooting .38 plus P with it. I usually carry an M&P9c but when I carry the 640 I carry magnums in it but shoot them sparingly in the little gun. I have several bigger revolvers, K-frames and L-frames and shoot a lot of magnum rounds with them.

    My wife is like yours, she likes the small lightweight revolver with a crimson trace grip on it.
    Wouldn't have an auto. Her favorite to shoot is the 640 stainless steel with .38s. Get a good hollowpoint and your good to go.
  13. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    Ok I'll try to take my wife to a range to test 640, 642, 442, 340, and other revolvers to see which one she is comfortable with.

    A question, which one does your wife carry around as EDC: 442 or 640?
  14. She carries the 640. I have a Crimson Trace grip on that. It's the longer one, LG305, that gives more area to grip. This gives her plenty to hang onto and enough weight in the gun to absorb some recoil. The 442 is mainly used by me for backup or extremely low profile on the rare occassion for business attire. I also take the light one in a little fanny pack to ride my bicycle, which we do a lot.
  15. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    Thank you for the info!
  16. I carry an M&P340 as a back-up gun on duty. It's an awesome gun, and I think it has the best sights of any j-frame. It's certainly a handful with .357's, though. It can be painful.
  17. Ganesh

    Ganesh Okie 4 Life

    Find me a "heavy " guy thats willin to be shot by me and a wimpy .38+p and Im bettin I'll find you a dead " heavy " guy, hehe. :tongueout: I group pretty darn well at 10 yards with the 38s, obviously in a stressfull situation one would do worse. But Ive pretty much given up on all my other calibers. Its all .38 or .357...For pistols my next wish is to add another .357 in the form of a coonan. Tho most my practice time is put towards the wheelies.

    Take her and if they rent em....let her shoot a Ruger LCR....they now come in .38+p & .357 magnum rated. the .357 only costs bout 50 bucks more and bout 3 ounces more. If weight is more of an issue...the .38 version runs in around 13 to 14 ounces. And around half the price of my 340.

    Ive shot em and gotta say...I love em. The really thought of the grip and it shows....same goes for the trigger. No other trigger from the factory on a j frame sized revolver matches 'em. If I didnt already have a love affair for my 340 or had they come out sooner....Id be braggin of ownin one as we speak. But till she(my 340) gives up the ghost...I'll stick with her.

    Oh and before I forget....The new Ruger LCR's can be bought from the factory with XS standard tritium dot front sight. Same type of sight as on my 340...just a wee bit smaller. Which actually fits better to rugers rear notch when sightin on a target.
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  18. I own a number of J-frames, including a pair of M&P 340's and a pair of 642-1's. The 642-1's, just because I like the stainless Airweights ... and the pair of M&P 340's because I wanted to have the new variation made without the ILS to complement my original one which has the ILS (and it made a good excuse to buy a second one ;) ).

    I really like the standard XS tritium front night sight on the M&P 340. It's much smaller than the Big Dot I have on one of my .45 pistols, but the standard size dot used on the J-frame seems very well suited for the size of the gun and the sighting needs. I like the rear notch being shaped for the XS sight, too.

    I find I can shoot the XS-equipped M&P 340's just a bit faster than my other J-frames (which have painted sight ramps) because it allows me to acquire a sight picture faster. I can also wring some better practical accuracy out of the smaller standard dot sight than I can with the Big Dot on my .45 (and it's been on there since the sights were originally sold as the Ashley Express Big Dots, so it's not like I haven't had some time to get used to them ;) ).

    I like the smaller XS sight on the M&P's well enough that I'm probably going to order one for my SP101 DAO some time.

    I've tried some different Magnum loads in my first M&P 340, finding a couple that exhibited bullet pull (in my gun, in my hands) and some that didn't. I was just checking against any time in the future that I might want to carry Magnum loads. I ran a number of drills using the Magnum loads, including some quals.

    However, I carry +P loads in the M&P 340's, and have come to use a mix of standard and +P loads for normal practice (and for quals, nowadays).


    The Magnum loads can be brutal. Sure, I can run doubles & triples out to 10-11 yds with good speed and accuracy, but it starts to hurt. I'm faster all around when using the +P loads, as well as accurate ... and I have confidence in using the various +P loads I keep on hand.

    If I want to shoot a lot of Magnum loads, I'll take my SP101 DAO out of the safe.

    I've seen a fair number of female revolver shooters over the years (both LE & private persons). Just like when watching the men shoot, some do better with revolvers than others ... but all of them seem able to do better with larger "medium size" 6-shot revolvers than with the smaller & lighter 5-shot wheelguns. If the difference is that noticeable under normal range conditions, shooting while standing comfortably relaxed and balanced, not rushing their shots, how well do you think they (or anyone else) would be likely to do with the smaller guns when trying to do so under the physical, mental and emotional stresses of a real situation?

    My wife doesn't like to shoot, nor does she want to own or carry a gun. She's been pretty consistent in her desires for the 36 years we've been married, so I don't expect her to change anytime soon. ;)

    If she were to suddenly desire to want to have access to a firearm in the home, though, or even lawfully carry one, I'd let her choose for herself. Sure, I'd offer some opinions based upon my experiences as LE and as a LE firearms instructor of more than 20 years, but the choice would be hers, and hers alone.

    The lasers seem to work well for some folks, and they can be useful under some circumstances. The slightly larger grips which provide some rubber coverage over the grip's backstrap can also help cushion the felt recoil. Both options might be appreciated by any number of folks.

    While the Airweights & Airlites can be handy because of their lighter weight, the all-steel models can be handy for their ability to better absorb and mitigate felt recoil in the palm of the hand and reducing the muzzle whip/torque. Just depends on the shooter.

    They certainly make a wide enough range of them nowadays to offer virtually something for everybody who has an interest in revolvers ...
  19. What is the difference between a lady smith and a comprabale Non_lady smith?
  20. One slight misconception I'd try to dispel is that if a big, strapping, 6'6", 330 lb. male can't handle the recoil of a lightweight J-frame snubbie with a hot load, then a slight woman would be able to handle it even less.

    While concerns regarding a person's size relative to a gun's recoil may have some validity, I feel that the fit of the particular gun to a person's hand has even greater impact (no pun intended).

    I'm 5'7" and 140 lbs. with relatively slender fingers, and have no problems shooting +P .38's in my 360PD (which I believe is the lightest production .357 revolver you can get). Medium velocity .357's (e.g., Remington Golden Sabers) are starting to get a bit hairy, and the stouter .357's can be downright "Dang! WTF was that???!!!" exhilirating, but the +P .38's hit a nice sweet spot for me in power relative to recoil.

    So I would not discount the use of +P's. Ultimately, hits and accurate repeat shots are what counts, so if the shooter is most comfortable with regular pressure .38's, that's the best option.


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