S&W 340pd... Wow

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by steve581581, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I got a chance to shoot my 340pd for the first time today. .357's are monsters. After 15 I started feeling it half way up my arm. For those of you that say shooting magnums out of this gun is no big deal are either the manliest of men with hands made of steel or are lying. That's all, flame away.

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  3. Your comments are understandable.

    I own a pair of M&P 340's, myself, which are not quite 2 ounces heavier than your PD (13.3oz v. 11.4oz), thanks to a steel cylinder, and Magnum loads are still rather robust, to say the least. :tongueout:

    I even changed the grips to the standard boot grip on one of my M&P's, adding about an ounce to its weight, and it's still a handful.

    While I used enough Magnum loads to find some which didn't exhibit bullet pull in my gun, being fired in my hands, I typically use +P loads for normal training, quals, practice & carry (with some occasional standard pressure loads thrown in for practice, when they're available at the right price).

    Congrats on the 340PD. Handy lightweight J. ;)

    Take the time to read the safety manual regarding ammunition selection & testing. The minimum bullet weight restriction in Magnum loads is intended to help reduce the potential for premature erosion of your cylinder face & charge holes (because of the titanium cylinder).

    Also, don't use cleaning practices and materials that can damage the titanium cylinder's surface.

    These lightweight Sc snubs are strong, and can slip into pocket holsters and 'disappear', weight-wise. Handy.

  4. barth

    barth six barrels

    My S&W 342 ti is 11.1 oz.
    And 38 +P is painful and no fun to practice with.
    I've never fired a 357 mag out of an air weight J-Frame.
    And have no interest in doing so.

    I don't believe anyone that says they are pleasant to shoot.
    #3 barth, Sep 3, 2012
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  5. I've got a 360PD on back order, I'm sure magnums won't be pleasant but in a sick way I'm kind of looking forward to it. I like the sting.

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  6. Chui

    Unfortunately, SMITH did not treat the titanium cylinder and it can gall.

    Is opt to send it to them for a stainless cylinder.

    I only use .38 +P in my PD. Not much difference using .357 Mag terminal ballistics-wise as the barrel is so short.

    "Enjoy" it.
  7. Update: got tired of waiting for the 360PD to come off backorder, so I picked up a used like new 340PD at the gun show today for $700+tax. Very nice little gun, feels just right in my hands, and happened to have a trijicon night site on it as we'll. going tomorrow to the range to run it through its paces. Will probably be carrying federal personal defense low recoil .357mag in the 130grn weight, and a mix of 147grn and 158grn .357 and .38 respectively at the range. I can already tell the magnums are going to be quite stout.

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  8. Well, at the range with the 340PD. 50 rounds of .38 was pleasant. 40 rounds of fmj 147grn .357 wasn't pleasant but was bearable. 10 rounds of federal hydrashok 130grn .357 magnum was quite stout and I can definitely feel it in my hand. No bullet jump issues though, and will stick with the hydrashoks for carry and mostly .38 and a few of the fmj magnums for practice. All in all I'm very impressed with this little gun:

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  9. ETA: I have a nice little skin flap now where the gun chewed up some of the webbing of my thumb. As the OP said, magnums in this gun are monsters.

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  10. When I use Magnum loads in my M&P 340, the loads I've found which didn't exhibit bullet pull in my gun, in my hands, were the Rem 125gr SJHP, Fed 130gr Hydra-Shok and Win 145gr STHP.

    There were a couple others that didn't exhibit bullet pull, but they were heavier bullet weights and developed more felt recoil force into the palm of my hand (versus muzzle whip and torque effect).

    Enjoy the 340. ;)
  11. Another thing I've noticed is when holding on with two hands the trigger guard smacks my knuckle when firing while one handed firing doesn't. This is still my favorite pocket/carry gun to date but my G33 is my favorite shooter. If the .357mag shot as nicely as the .357sig I'd have no need for any other guns.
  12. Magnums in these lightweight guns is nuts, says I.

    Get some 148gr wadcutter .38 rounds for practise. Most people can't hit the side of a barn with a snubby, from standing inside the barn.

    So extra recoil and flinch are not the way to develop good revolver skills, unless your name is Berto :rofl:

    Work those wadcutters over time, working your way up to .38+p for carry. Leave the magnums to your buddy.

    End of unsolicited advise to those with revolvers under 1 pound :)
  13. L Pete

    Don't feel alone. I think full house magnums are really tough in my SP-101, which probably weighs three times what those revolvers weigh. I have no problems with +Ps in my 642, but I'll stick with SP-101s or larger guns with the magnum loads.

    Life is too short for all that pain.
  14. Sweet little snubby. Manageable with magnums but 38s are fine. For its intended use, it can't be beat. I've got the crimson trace on mine. Love it!
  15. I just ordered a set of Pachmayr Compac grips for mine. Covered backstrap but still small enough so as not to compromise concealability. Should help take the magnum recoil a bit.

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  16. Having carried and fired mine a bunch, let me offer a couple opinions.
    -The Centennial 'hump' lets the gun sit lower in the hand, which is a huge help in lowering the bore axis
    -Ditch the OEM rubber grips and go with smooth, wooden 'boot' grips with the filet behind the trigger guard; the rubber ones stick too well, while the wooden ones allow a little bit of slip while still controlling the gun
    I carry 140 hard cast LTC .357s in mine, (with a Lee 'factory' crimp to avoid bullet jump) as a last ditch GTFOM defense against black bear; usually the first two chambers up have snakeshot.
    For those without a classic education, BTW, the word 'scandium' is from Latin; it means 'mean kicking little b**ch.'
    Great gun to carry, not much fun to shoot. Just how it is.
  17. BLau

    Just shot 5 rounds of Remington Golden Sabers in .357 out of my 360. Very stout shooter indeed. I am going back to. 38 Special.

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  18. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    The 360 is tolerable, but the 340 is just plain not fun to shoot. I think the taller hump on the back is what does it, because the 360 didn't do it. Sure it recoiled but the the 340 actually left my hand aching for 2-3 days after shooting it.
  19. I think between the hump and the exposed backstrap I've figured why it wasn't exactly comfortable to shoot and in particular the webbing of my thumb and general area were sore, and even blistered to the point of bleeding (which is when I realized it was time to stop shooting). However I had the same problem with my model 65 when shooting magnums and its solid steel. The Pachmayr grips on the 65 made a world of difference. Softer rubber, and the covered backstrap which made the biggest improvement. With those grips I can shoot magnums all day no problem, and I'm thinking the Pachmayr compac grips i put on the 340 should mitigate the nasty recoil quite a bit compared to the factory hogue bantam grip. I'll definitely post an update next time I make it to the range. From just the overall feel and how solid the grip is with the new Pachmayrs I purchased, I think I'll be quite pleased.

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  20. For carry in these ultra light 357's I would load up with the Speer 135 Gold Dot 38 Special +P. This load has proven to be a good one as used by the NYPD.
  21. Unless it's possible to get a Papal Dispensation from the Laws of Physics, getting 'comfortable to shoot' & '11oz .357' in the same sentence is just not doable.
    Be resigned that this is a gun to be carried a lot and shot a little. I have an older steel 640 that makes a 'practice' gun for the Scandium Magnum. You can put Pachymayr grips on until the revolver is nearly as big as a K-frame, and it is not going to totally solve the problem. 'Small' and 'light' is the plan with the 340; a plan that you'll defeat with huge grips.
    A better solution, if you are determined to fire the little bugger a lot, is a half a pair of bicycle gloves, with one on your gun hand. The padded palm will draw a lot of the sting, and the exposed fingers let you operate the trigger. You don't wear shooting muffs on the street, and you won't wear one glove either, but give a bike glove a try to make your practice tolerable.
    That's tolerable for 30-40 rounds. Unless you are a serious masochist, don't figure on all day at the range. All you'll get are sore hands and a huge flinch.

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