S&W 340 M&P "No Lock"

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by WhiteCoyote, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. I was just re-reading my post...and realized that I have been wanting a no lock 340 M&P for awhile...
    And now I have one! :supergrin:
    Just recieved mine a couple days ago..
    no range report yet, due to wife having her appendix removed recently, but soon!
    Full pics and report to follow soon, but for now: excellent fit and finish, and decent trigger pull (for a j-frame)
    It might be a bear to shoot, with the lighweight frame, but for carry...this thing rules! why pocket carry a semi auto .380 when you can carry 5 shots of .357mag or .38+P?

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  2. I'd forgotten about this thread.

    Since I last posted in it I picked up another M&P 340, this time the new variation without the ILS.

    I still carry and use my original M&P 340 with the ILS, for both range and carry. It's just that I liked it enough to want another one, and decided the no-ILS difference was enough to justify ordering a second one.

    Besides, I have a pair of 642-1's, as well. ;)

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  3. Hey Fastbolt,
    Yeah, I already knew that you picked up a NO LOCK 340...:cool:
    I keep up with your writings, via this and at least one other forum (can't remember which...)
    You are one of the primary reasons that I trusted that the 340 would be a worthy weapon...
    Now my concealed carry is down to revolver only: a S&W 66 snub and the 340 M&P.
    Now that it is cooler here in Vermont, I am usually carrying the 66 OWB (under an untucked shirt) and after giving it a range workout...will IWB and pocket carry the 340 (for social occasions when the large K-frame is too hard to conceal)

    I need to hurry up and post some pics and range report....but it will happen in good time, so keep checking the snub sub-forum (gets lonely in here)

  4. Hey, de nada.

    A 66 would be a nice alternative to the little 5-shot M&P when you can carry a larger revolver. I picked up a decent 66 2 1/2" some time ago. After having it inspected and cleaned up a bit, and a ball-detent yoke 'lock' installed, the first time I took it to the range I remembered why I enjoyed carrying and shooting the medium-framed Magnums so many years ago. I ran a mix of different bullet weights through it, running it from 3-75yds, and it did everything I expected of it. ;)

    It made me wish I'd kept some of the short-barreled Security & Speed-Sixes I used to own back in my service revolver days. They were so easily found and bought that I got lazy and traded them off now & again, and then, of course, Ruger discontinued them and moved on to the GP series. :shocked:

    At least I kept a Service-Six 4" HB that I once had tuned by one of the major shops. :)
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  5. I hear you on the Ruger Speed and Service Six models...
    My very first hangun (wasn't even legal age...but good parents who "signed" for it..:whistling:) was a Speed Six snubbie.
    I would take it in the back fields (had a natural earthen backstop) and practice with cheap .38 loads.
    By the time I joined the Army (1984, at the tender age of 17), I had all the basics of trigger control, breathing, and stance down pat...not to mention a good ability to not flinch from recoil and muzzle blast.

    Thanks again for all your valuable contributions to this forum..in the way of solid experience and advice.
    Once my wife gets back on her feet...(appendix removed recently), I will post a full range report and pics of the 340 (and the 66)
  6. Okay.

    Best wishes for your wife's speedy recovery.
  7. Thanks.
    She is feeling stronger by the day, and I just might pop off a few cylinders of .38 and .38+P this weekend.
    not enough for a full work out, but just to give it a function check, and see about how it feels.

    I have been carrying it in a Remora holster (just to get used to it...but cannot rely on it for protection...as I have not even fired it yet!), and truly feel that it is the most comfortable gun I have ever carried.
    Looking for more good IWB holster ideas...
  8. Finally got a chance to pop off a few cylinders of ammo through my new 340.

    Not a range report by any means, but I did walk out into the woods and fire off enough rounds to verify that my 340 works, and get a feel for it's general accuracy and recoil.

    I fired off: 158 gr .38 special: felt very "cute" and accuracy and time back on target was outstanding.

    130gr .38+P Winchester PDX bonded: recoil was very manageable and time back on target was great. Firing a ton of these at the range would begin to hurt the hand after awhile...but for defensive purposes...this is very quick back on target for follow up shots.

    135 gr .357 magnum Speer Gold Dot (short barrel): This round does produce a bit of hand slap, but I found it to be manageable when doing focused "defensive drills", and time back on target was fine (would improve with more practice). I was surprised at how well I handled the .357, as the internet chatter would have you believe that it would feel like "an aluminum baseball bat smacking your hand". :upeyes:

    Granted...for extended range sessions..the .38 or .38+P is the way to go.
    I probably will carry with Buffalo Bore .38+P LSWCHP in 158 gr.
    (didn't fire any today, as the BB ammo I have is in my safe, but have had good results when shooting BB ammo in my Ruger SP and S&W 66 snub.)

    Will give better range report and carry info after I actually get more experience with the 340.

    For now...loving it. Never had an easier weapon to carry!
  9. Good to hear.

    While I have little problem running fast shot strings with doubles & triples using Magnum loads in my M&P 340, I did find that after shooting 50 odd rounds of Magnum loads that my hand did feel like it had been hammered by an aluminum bat, to some degree. :whistling: :rofl:

    I've also noticed that the heavier the bullet weight, the more recoil force hits the web/palm of my hand (not surprising or unexpected, though).
  10. Yes Fastbolt,
    I hear ya on the "after 50 odd rounds"..My hand used to be sore after a workout with my Ruger SP snub...and I must be cocky because I only fired a few cylinders full!
    For carry, it will be .38+P :cool:
  11. Same here. I keep my 340 P.D. loaded with .38 Gold Dots. I tried the Full Load .357's in it after I bought it. I'll pass on them.:embarassed:
  12. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I had a 360 M&P and it was definitely a handful when shooting warm .357's. I liked the u-notch rear sight better than the one on my new 442. I like the idea of having a night sight, but in all honesty, it's a close up "point and shoot" weapon and I have yet to really get on board with the front night sight only idea, probably because I'm so used to having a set in the rear in order to get true a sight picture. It was nice though and if I ever got another, it would be a 340 instead.
  13. 360ss

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  14. Good to see this subforum get some action...
  15. Looks nice

    Congrats! :cool:
  16. There good to shoot 38 target wadcutters out of. There hard to shoot with anything more powerfull . A 15oz. no lock 442 with full power 158lswc-hp is hard to shoot and its a tad more weight. You need at least 20-25 oz. of weight to shoot 357 mags out of to even think think of shooting repeat shots accurate. You trade off to much and loose.
  17. Remember this thread!
    Thanks to WhiteCoyote for originally inspiring me to get one!

    Went shooting today: some .38, some .38+P, and some .357 magnum.

    I like shooting .38+P the best, and can never decide on what to carry for self defense loads: Speer Gold Dot in 38 or .357?

    I like the +Ps for easier ejecting of spent casings, although I would hate to have to reload a snubbie under pressure!

    I love the 340, and carry in a Remora holster.
  18. .357sigger

    .357sigger NRA Member

    Does anyone have info on where I can find one of these (M&P 340 with no internal lock)? I have looked everywhere and was wanting to use it as a back up gun. Any help in the right direction is appreciated!!! :wavey:
  19. barth

    barth six barrels

    S&W 340PD 357 17/8 SCCEN NL Black $814

    You can get a 642 38 +P no lock for ~1/2 the price.
    I can't imagine firing a 357 Mag from an AirWeight.
    That's just brutal IMHO.

    I've got an 11.1 oz 342 ti.
    It's 13.5 oz with 38 +P Speer GDHP Short Barrel 135 gr rounds.
    And kicks plenty hard with that.
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  20. I only shoot .357 in my 340M&P. I hate the cylinder rings that build up when shooting .38 Special. The Speer Gold Dot .357 135 gr. Short Barrel rounds give me only slightly more recoil than the .38+P ammo. Not at all unpleasant.

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