S&W 340 M&P "No Lock"

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by WhiteCoyote, Nov 18, 2010.

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  3. That's a great looking gun. Let us know what you think after shooting. If I could find one locally, priced reasonably Id probably buy it.

  4. I've got one that I bought in 07 but it has a lock. That's not why it's not fun to shoot though ;)

    I wish they would put that front sight and u-notch rear on the 642. It should be $150-$200 less and most folks don't shoot .357 out of these anyway.
  5. Congrats.

    This has been on my wish list and I'm glad that I held off as I've been hoping that the day would come for the 340 without the lock
  6. Congrats !
  7. Congrats.

    I like my early production M&P 340 quite a bit.

    Is the SKU for your no-lock M&P 340 #103072?
  8. I love my early model 340....it's not a range gun my any means but mine has seen some use.


  9. IMHO they would sell a ton of 642s so equiped. I HATED shootimg my old 360.
  10. Man....

    I am wanting one of these no-lock 340 M&P so badly..

    I am considering changing my carry weapon from a Glock 27 to an M&P340 AND a 442!

    One on the belt and one in the pocket (at night) and just one of the j-frames during the day, or when carrying in places where I do not want the added weapon on my person.

    (and I wanted to bump this thread up to the top...since I look at it and drool every day :embarassed:)

    OP: If you are reading this.... how about some reviews, more pics, carry methods, etc...?
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  11. I'm actually going to try to pick up a second J-Frame, either a 642 or 442...Vances in Columbus ohio has them on sale for 349.99 through the end of the year...plus the 50.00 S&W rebate....300.00 for a S&W is a steal. I know of a few guys (including my father) that carry two jframes.
  12. Have you shot it yet? A range report would be great.
  13. Cooks128,

    $299 + tax for a 442/642 qualifies as Grand Theft where I live. Go buy it on the 27th, hear?
  14. G27Chief

    Lifetime Member

    Dang that is cheap. I hate to see this when I think of what I paid for my 342 Ti!
  15. Do you have the contact info for Vance's?
  16. Ganesh

    Ganesh Okie 4 Life

    I own an M&P 340 also. It replaced my G-27 also. Loved the little 27, and loved it at the range much more so than the little 340, hehe. But I wont give up my little "Sheila". thinkin about gettin her a sister tho. Was lookin at those Ruger LCR's, the little 38s are sweet, and im kinda glad i didnt try one before i bought the 340, cuz they really do have a nice trigger and shot really nice with em. But now they got em in .357! So I may have to pick one of those up as the back up to the 340, heh.
  17. How does the 340 carry compared to the G27?
    I carry IWB with the 27, and would mostly carry a j-frame on belt, with occasional pocket carry.

    I realize the G27 is easier to shoot, and my tactics and mindset will change accordingly.

    Any info about holsters you use, loads you use, etc.. would be much appreciated.

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  18. That is awesome, congrats
  19. The 340 and my G33 carry just about the same for IWB carry, where I believe the 340 has it's advantages is with pocket carry when Im wearing cargo shorts in the summer using a pocket holster or shoving shoving it in a jacket pocket for quick trips out of the house. My carry ammo of choice is Speer Gold dots in .357, that or carry Ranger T .38+P.
  20. I have a 340 m&p that i have shot 2100 rounds of .357 through. I bought the gun to shoot .357 and thats what i do with it if you don't shoot .357 then save your money and go with the 642 or 442. Nice 340 by the way.
  21. It is nice that the 340 is chambered for .357, but what I especially like is the finish (looks the same, but is more durable than the 442's finish) and especially the xs night sight!
    So... even if you were "only" going to shoot .38+P in a 340.... for some, it is worth the extra cost!

    I've gotta get one soon, so I can quit obsessing about it!

    do you carry yours alot, and is the finish holding up well?

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