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RWS ammo

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by nostradumass, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. nostradumass

    nostradumass Toten a 36

    Feb 2, 2010
    Too Near Charlotte NC
    The Walmart near me said they have 20 boxes of this 9mm. Anyone used it and thoughs?
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2010

  2. Nubbins


    Dec 1, 2008
    Fairfax, VA
    Walmart here also has RWS as of today, I never heard of it and didn't want to be the guinea pig. I hope this is temporary.
  3. ronin.45


    Apr 24, 2008
    I've used RWS ammo in other calibers and it was good quality. I would have a hard time paying $17 a box for it though.
  4. skanless

    skanless IPA ISLAND

    Apr 8, 2009
  5. das9mm26


    Oct 27, 2009
    My local Wally World just got some RWS 9mm in, too....
    Thanks...I'll pass......:whistling:
    Of course... right now, the RWS is the ONLY 9mm in-store.
    In fact, it's the only handgun caliber they have in stock...PERIOD!!:steamed:
    Guess it's wait time....for the return of the Federal Champion @ $9.47/50...
  6. JFrame


    May 29, 2001
    Mid-Atlantic, US of A
    I use RWS pellets in my various air guns. They are premium stuff, and perform accordingly. That quality makes a bit of a difference in air guns, but I'm not sure how much it could matter in a 9mm to offset the price difference against cheaper loads.

  7. nostradumass

    nostradumass Toten a 36

    Feb 2, 2010
    Too Near Charlotte NC

    You think they will sell ammo for $10 again?
  8. REA9mm

    REA9mm get ready

    Can't comment on quality, but I did see my wal-mart selling the RWS for $16.95/50. I picked up a box of Winchester 147gr JHP's for $15.95/50 instead.
  9. no, because its too expensive lol...I looked at that had about the same and no one else had touched it either....because right next to the $16 box of RWS was $9.97 boxes of Federal(now mine) and WWB for $ nah I didnt waste the extra $6 just to check it out :) . I mean hell its practice ammo(the stuff I was looking at) how much better can it be than the regular 9MM ammo I can get from between $9.97-12 a box??
  10. they DO, I just picked up 3 boxes of Federal 115 round nose ammo YESTERDAY for $9.97 and a box of Remington JHP's the 100 box for $25 which roughly = out to what $12.50 / 50 for hollow points....I left several boxes of $10.97 WWB 9mm ammo as my gun disagrees with that ammo :) . also got some American Eagle 147 grain ammo from the local mom and pop for $11.20 a box...
  11. H&K 4 LIFE

    H&K 4 LIFE Leonum A Ignis

    Jan 27, 2009
    Scored a box at WM today for $18 after tax. :wow:

    They said they got 20 boxes and wouldn't be getting anymore. :dunno:

    Turns out this stuff is 124gr. Different than WWB, Blazer, and Federal which are all 115gr.

    For $18 a box, I guess we'll see how it shoots. :supergrin:

  12. Thrillhouse700


    Jan 6, 2010
    ridiculous............ my local turners always has 9mm luger remmington and priced at 14.99. I usually buy online anyways so it wont matter until the new law.
  13. Notice the 'made in Switzerland' on the box.

    That explains the price. But being FMJ it has better be miles ahead of the Federal stuff at Wal-mart for $9.49, ok?

  14. gruntmedik

    gruntmedik Honk Honk CLM

    Jan 2, 2005
    Taylorsville, KY
    You must have been reading my mind. Between the 3 wally worlds I was at today, I prolly saw 100 boxes of this stuff. I was just getting ready to post a thread like this, but decided to use the handy search feature first.
  15. MetalSlugIV


    Jan 10, 2010
    I picked up two boxes of this stuff just this evening. It was the cheapest they had at my wally world and it's the same grain as the stuff I pack for SD. I figure I'll give them a try and see if I like it.
  16. mdfd


    Sep 29, 2006
    let us know what you think of it. I also noticed it is 124 gr vs. the 115gr of the others. The box said "match grade" so I'm curious if there is any discernable difference between these and the other cheaper brands...

  17. Z71bill


    Feb 19, 2007
    A real American only shoots American made ammo in their Austrian pistols. :tongueout:

    Someone post how this stuff works.