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  1. I recently received my first assignment in Florida and had to store my 3 Glocks with my military sponsor while I searched for housing. After a about a month, I picked up the guns and believe it or not, all the slides on all 3 Glocks have rust. I just noticed this last night and about flipped. They were all wiped down, stored in their cases and I even through a few large moisture absorbing packets in the box. I usually clean them after every shoot, my sponsor said they were stored inside and I can tell they were never shot. The 19 and 26 have rust on the rear of the slide and little specs of rust all over the slide. The other 19 was just the rear portion.

    I'm kind of strapped for cash and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for refinish? Would anyone recommend calling Glock or is there a really solid company / finish? I've looked at Lone Wolf and RockYourGlock so far... :dunno:

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  2. Call GLOCK
    Any rust on the barrel?

  3. Hmmm...I just removed some sort of aftermarket steel sight from my old G17 pistol's slide.

    The sight(rear sight) was rusty/rusted in the dovetail and underneath the sight on top the slide. However the slide itself wasn't rusted....and it cleaned right up and didn't stain the slide at all.

    I will say that I'm familiar with rusty handguns...but at least with my older made Glocks..rust ain't an issue!

    Makes me wonder if Glock has changed the slide/barrel finish/treatment?
  4. They have. SJ 40
  5. What did you use to wipe the weapons down with?
  6. Where and how did your sponsor store your guns? I've lived fulltime in FL for 5 years, live 30' from a saltwater canal, don't take the precautions that you did, have Gen2s through Gen4s, and have no such problem. Florida Fish and Wildlife uses Glocks and I'm sure have no such problem - and many LEOs rarely shoot their guns if not for quals and probably don't clean them that often.
  7. I googeled 'rusty Glocks'....and apparently even old Glocks can turn into a ball of rust!!

    My guess on why the stored pistols rusted....somebody checked them out and didn't wipe them down.

    Some folks can touch a gun..and it's fine...others have corrosive sweat/fingerprints.

    Also gun-cases/pistol-cases really can draw moisture..or at least retain enough moisture to cause grief.

    Who knows??...Even stainless steel rusts!
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  8. You say you put moisture packets in with the guns?

    Sometimes the ingredients to those can include sodium & cobalt chloride, personally I'll take my chances with moisture.

    Add some handling and movement possibly some dust from the packet, not to mention that the packet itself will draw moisture in.

    If my guns are stored for a long period of time, I slather them in oil or grease and clean before the next use.
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    I eezox mine and rarely clean it unless it's shot these days. It gets salt water, sweat, moisture from showers, rain, all kinds of stuff on it and not a drop of rust. Hell it didn't rust before it had the Eezox.
  10. can 't be... someone on here said GLOCKS DON'T RUST !
  11. If I had to guess I would also guess that perhaps one of the chemicals in the absorbent packet reacted with the Glock. Not seeing the rust it is of course about impossible to say for sure, but I have had some good luck in removing surface rust from a couple of blued and stainless guns by rubbing the area with an oil soaked rag or sometimes with some oil and very fine steel wool (make sure you get all the little tiny flecks of the steel wool off the gun as that stuff rusts when you sneeze.)

    My guess is that with a little work you may be able to get rid of the rust and then keep it away. No offense to the folks that do it for a living but in my limited experience refinishing a gun sometimes does not add the cost of the refinishing to the value of the gun. Although it may well help improve our pride in the gun.
  12. If I had to store a gun for a long period & it'd be unattended, I'd clean it well oil it well & coat it with a pretty liberal coating of Rig gun grease!
  13. RG7X
    i answered your email this morning. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have
  14. I use eezox on everything I own including my Les Baer, the stuff is incredible.
  15. Yep, they rust.

    The thick looking matter on the frame rails is tetra grease that despite being in lace, the metal still corroded. This was on a coworker's pistol. This and another one were both replaced by Glock under warranty.

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  16. I checked in with a guy at work who works with corrosion on rockets and has dealt with guns for 40+ years. He came over and checked them out and speculated that there must have still been a little bit of sweat and oil on the slide lacerations (where the majority of rust was located). That mixed with sitting in a case in a box for a month must have done it. We cleaned it up quite a bit with solvent and a brass brush wire. Most of everything looked much better but I'm sure I'll be getting this coated with something more resistant to corrosion. It may have also had something to do with the salt packets? I'm not sure but the slide on one my G19s had rust spots all over the slide. It was a rude awakening for sure.
  17. I've seen that same scenario with several people which is why I was extremely shocked. Only other possibility I could speculate was the new finish some folks have been mentioning. All 3 of my Glocks are 2012 Gen 3s.
  18. This,for long term rust free storage. SJ 40

  19. I would like to know that too! That all three guns have rust on them is highly unlikely and suggests that they could have been unknowingly wiped down with something corrosive or stored the wrong way.

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