running ... with guns

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by randr1979, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. any fellow runners around?
    how do you pack when in sweats?

    lack of belt loops makes my rig shift around, not a pretty sight.

    do you go open top or thumb break for added security?

    anybody interested in an armathon? basically, we strap up and run.

    imagine: bogs armathon 2012, rolling thunder.

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  3. jprj

    i dont really run, but i will join if there will be one :)

  4. this could be the start of something big.

    i imagine a fun run, starts at point a, ends at a range for what else but a fun shoot.

    shooters get to start their stage as they arrive, shoot while still pumped up thus better simulating a real street scenario.

    one stage lang na 25 rounds para madali i set up.

    stay active, stay healthy, shoot straight.
  5. parang biathlon?
    Dont run much anymore , pero the only time I run armed is pag sa trails and I'm the slowest runner hehe
    i use a NorthFake waist pack, nandun na lahat gels/bars/fluids plus baril
    Never had the need for the gun though , kaya I stopped bringing it
  6. i adopted something similar, a samsonite travel pouch, sakto lang for a walther ppk sized auto.
  7. jprj

    i can imagine, dahil sa adrenaline magiging matulin, dahil walang practice magiging mintis. :)
  8. possible, iba stress of physical exertion plus dagdag pa fight or flight decision making kung sa totohanan na.
  9. jeepinbandit

    jeepinbandit Sgt. USMC

    I carry a camel back or something similar and drop the pistol into the bag. When I don't run with a camelback I usually just carry an asp or a can of OC cause I'm mainly concerned with the dogs in the areas I run and not so much with people. The dogs get aggresive sometimes when you run through their "areas".
  10. I cant stand pack on my back when running/biking in humid tr0pical weather.
    The sweat doesnt have room to dry and pools on your back
    But camelback does have a waist pack w/c is great for running
  11. is the waistpack also a hydration system or milking the brand for all its got na product na?
  12. it's just the same bag w/ a bladder and hose, except it;s inside a waist pack instead of a mini back pack
    bladders/Hoses are a pain in the butt to clean unless you store them in the freezer
    I just use water bottles

    Now, i prefer running inside the gym :) aircon pa
  13. nice, thank for the info.

    i saw one sa sulit, P850 for the camelbak pouch with concealment compartment.

    yeah microbes quickly take over non ventilated and high moisture areas i imagine.
  14. jeepinbandit

    jeepinbandit Sgt. USMC

    I've never cleaned a camelbak I've owned. As long as you only put water in them you shouldn't have to worry about it. When you start putting sugary sports drinks in them that's when they start to get nasty.

    The one I've got right now hasn't been cleaned in 2 years.
  15. I don't run, but I rollerskate the jogging/biking trails and various roadways, and I do the camelback thing - yet quick access to my weapon would be difficult since I can't get my arm into the bag easily while its on my back. My wife has Thunderwear, which works well for skating or running. Basically the thunderwear sorta like a fannypack & a holster combined, as it wraps around the waist, but fits under your pant/shorts right at the waistline, and has pockets for gun and/or other items (yet is open at the top for easy access to the weapon).
  16. We had this type of drill (during my days) called LETAC. Run with full rig and body armor about 200 yards to a pull up bar to do 20 pull ups then run the "Hogan's Alley" a la IPSC engagements. Talk about fast heart rate and shooting at moving targets while several Rangemasters try to distract you by yelling, playing loud music etc.

  17. I cant remember if I used sports drinks on my camel back
    It could be the tropical weather plus the local water
    Lot's of mountain bikers I know here have to clean the hoses regularly until we found out storing them on the freezer worked
  18. When I run, a fanny pack-like holster or Smartcarry is good for me. The .45 is no problem at all.

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