Ruger Super Redhawk $300?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by johnstein11, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. 7.5 inch barrel .44 mag. But... The gun looks beat to crap. I'd say 85% condition with surface rust and dirty. Mechanically it appears to have tight lockup and good timing and ok bore and cylinders. The forcing come looks ok. Should I get it? I think I could clean it up.

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  3. If it is mechanically sound, consider it a $400+ purchase after the surface has been corrected and re-blued, cerakoted, etc... It's an OK I reckon, but not really a steal...

    Be sure to look into the innards like the trigger assembly and small parts... If someone has let it sit uncared for long enough and in such an enviroment for the rust to have gone everywhere then I'd pass on it for sure...

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  4. Its hard to say without a pic.

    If its just surface rust, it should be ok.
  5. dnuggett

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    What does the 8 ball say?
  6. It looks uncared for and unfortunately I don't know much much about revolver mechanics other than what I mentioned. I do recall testing the trigger pull and feeling the trigger reset feeling "sandy"? I wouldn't know where to begin taking apart a ruger revolver.
  7. Rinspeed

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    Let me know if you decide to pass and I'll jump on it. :dunno:
  8. Super Redhawks are stainless, nothing to reblue.

    eta-- save the 'Target Gray' .454's.
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  9. If it is stainless it is possible that for nothing other than some oil and fine steel wool you could end up with an acceptable looking good functioning gun at a decent price.
  10. Doh..! Even after owning a blackhawk and a redhawk in the past, I somehow missed that blatant piece of info...

    The stainless changes the game, and should clean up with less aftermath than a carbon gun for sure... Pull the grips of and hose it down with WD-40 or something comparable for a few days, and get to scrubbing...

    If the trigger assembly needs some heavy cleaning, you could always give it to a competent gunsmith or send it back to Ruger..
  11. This is just my opinion on the beat up Super Redhawk. It comes down to what you end up with. If it cleans up to a presentable firearm, fine. If the end result, for a lack of a better term, is garbage, why bother? AFAIC, I have no desire owning mistreated firearms! I'd pay twice the money, and, that is possible, to obtain a well maintained Redhawk. After all the cleaning, rust removal, possible gunsmith use, and, shipping charges, you'd be well ahead of the game, investing in pristine, off the bat.
  12. If it actually is a Super Red Hawk, it is definitely worth $300.

    If it is a blued Redhawk, it depends upon how bad the rust is. Just surface rust I'd get it and clean it up.

    If it is a single action Super Black Hawk, blued and rusty $300 is too much. You can get nice blued ones for $350.
  13. I'll go back and try to take pics. It is definitely a stainless da/sa super red hawk.
  14. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    If so, the finish is easy to get back to looking good.
  15. Agree,

    I'd just bead blast it.

    Ruger double action revolvers are very easy to disassemble.
  16. Rinspeed

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    Don't go back with your camera, go back with cash. :upeyes:
  17. The_Gun_Guru

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    If it's just surface rust then I say go for it. I sold my 9.5 inch barrel Super Redhawk in excellent condition for $600 a couple years ago

  18. John,

    Get 'ooo' fine stainless steel wool and liquid stainless steel polish. Soak the steel wool in the polish and polish away on the SRH.

    Yea, $300 not bad at all. I lucked out and got a 7 1/2 .454 SRH, hunter grey, that someone had magaported for $500 flat. Yes I still have it and shoot it alot.

    So you $300 will clean up fine and you can load anything from .44 Spl. to +p .44 magnums (and yes I reload my SRH, 250s at 1200 for most hunting and if need be 250s at 1900!)

  19. Thanks for all the replies. I was thinking getting some scotch-brite and some hoppes. Can I get this steel polish at lowes? Also, I thought ruger was like s&w and you are never supposed to disassemble it.
  20. Ruger includes disassembly instructions in the manual for their revolvers. Smiths aren't that difficult either. I just replaced the hand in my M19 myself a few weeks ago.
  21. mac66

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    $300 for a stainless steel Ruger 44 mag is a very good deal no matter what the condition.

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