ruger sr22 serpa holster!!!

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by bradley.kemper507, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. I read a post on another website that said a guy tried his sr22 in his holster for his sr9c and it fit as well as the sr9c does. I have not tried it yet but I plan on getting one if it fits as well as he said. I hope this helps people looking for holsters for their sr22. If anyone knows of another holster for the sr22 please post.

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  3. Hopefully, people aren't foolish enough to carry 22lr for self defense.

  4. I have, and will again.
    The Blackhawk #1 nylon IWB clip on holster fits the SR22 like it was made for it.
  5. I am foolish every day. I have an injury in my wrist that causes extreme pain when I train with even a 9mm. I refuse to carry something i can not be accurate with. I can comfortably train with a 22 without nearly as much discomfort.
  6. Well, I guess that's a special circumstance, which is certainly understandable.

    Other than something like this, can someone please explain to me why you choose a rimfire as a CCW with all the small, lightweight options there are today?

    Besides the serious lack of power, rimmed cartridges, by nature, feed less reliably in an automatic pistol. I stand by my original statement, its foolish. The SR22 was designed as a fun plinker or, at best, a backup gun.
  7. The 22lr is a plinking/small game round, not a self defense round. Yes, many people have been killed with it, maybe more than most rounds. However, stopping a threat in their tracks and killing are two different things.

    Sorry for lending an opinion, but that's me.

    20 years ago, I could see it. Today, there are so many options in a small, light package. Why carry a less reliable gun with about a fifth of the power? It boggles my mind.
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  8. Yes...I read often that the rimmed LR cartridge does not feed reliably. Yet, my personal Ruger Mk1, which I have owned and shot since about 1976 has never jammed in untold thousands of rounds.
    Due to ammo costs, I have been shooting a lot of rimfire ammo in the last year. I have used a Ruger 10/22, the SR22, a Beretta Bobcat, and an old French Unique pistol. None of them jammed...even once. All the ammo went bang when fired, it was all various CCI loads and Aguila.
    I have other options for SD handgun carry, and I am under no illusions about the power of the rimfire round. But there are times when the SR22 gets slipped into my waistband. It is light, thin, fits the hand well, and has decent sights. I would not want to face a person who knew how to use it, had fired thousands of rounds through it, and used it resolutely, regardless of what handgun was in my hands.
  9. I have heard that argument many times. I wouldn't want to get hit with a BB gun at 100 yards, but that doesn't mean it's a good self defense option. I also have several rimfire pistols that have never malfunctioned in thousands of rounds.

    If you feel comfortable with the SR22, it's certainly much better than nothing. It does have great ergonomics and fits most hands very well. I'm looming to get one myself.
  10. It really is a fun gun to shoot. The SR22 world is waiting for a good, cheap kydex IWB holster.
    The Blackhawk I mentioned fits great, but I am not impressed by the wimpy belt clip. It works, but I have to keep checking that it is seated properly.
    For as long as this pistol has been out, and as popular as it is, there are not a lot of holsters made specifically for it.
  11. Interesting. Thanks. Good to know. Have the 9c. Want the sr22.
  12. I am not looking for concealibility. I open carry every day. The sr2 2was the only pistol i have ever shot (rimfire) that has never, not once, jammed or malfunctioned in any way. I carry a 22 because i can not throw a rock fast enough to do any damage. I would rather carry a bb gun than nothing at all. I hope to never need it but at least i have it if i do.
  13. That's cool :cool:

    It certainly makes sense.
  14. Yeah, I just handled one again this afternoon. They are a bit small, but its very comfortable in hand.
  15. toshbar

    toshbar Timber Baron

    All of you are going on the false presumption that the only reason to have a holster for a pistol is to carry it for self defense.

    There are other reasons.

    Thanks for the info, kemper. FYI, a Mkiii 22/45 fits in a glock 23 serpa holster and the retention does work. It's a little sloppy, so I would only use it for range time/playing in the woods.
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  16. i got a serpa holster today (garage sale. $2) the guy said it was a friends who used it with his glock 19 and it was sloppy as well. i cut up some gift cards and epoxied pieces in certain areas and it fits like a glove. looks like it was made for it as well. now that i have used a serpa holster, i dont really care for them for some reason. the whole idea of just a little piece of plastic being all that holds the gun in is kind of dumb.
  17. They said they used it for SD.
  18. Are you going to look for something else?
  19. yes. i found a leather holster that fits and has a thumb break.
  20. it also is way more comfortable. sits close to the body and is not as bulky feeling. dont even notice its there
  21. Cool, glad to hear

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