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    I don't know where you were reading about that.
    Every article I have seen where the Ruger is mentioned, has been favorable.

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    Note to Jason:

    Might be a good idea to read a comment stream before kicking in your .



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    Start at the top and read all posts,.........they explain all
  4. I will definitely be checking out the SR1911 if and when they show up in my area. It will be interesting to see what Rugers next 1911 will be.
  5. That's just crazy talk!
  6. I am a Ruger addict. Other than my obligatory 10/22 all of my Rugers are revolvers (5 and counting).
    I do feel that any American Shooter has an obligation to, at some time, possess a 1911, and of course, my selection will be the Ruger.
    Maryland just added the SR1911 to its roster of permitted regulated handguns a few days ago. I think that I will be adding one of these to my accumulation in the near future.
  7. You won't be disappointed.
  8. Nice But it's to bad that their are none out there any where for sale.? I called up every gun shop & on line contact & web sites & no on has one of them.? all on BO from Ruger I called up Prescott AZ where their made & the sales guy told me that their will be none available until at least sometime in 2012.? How can Ruger advertise This new gun a year before, & then just send out a few to tease the people & then have them on BO not a good selling plan especially being new to the 1911 industry.?
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  9. It seems that Ruger often does this. When they introduced the LCP, a bunch of guys on my squad at work ordered them, and it took months for us all to get our hands on them.
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  11. Nice Reveiws and Great Shooting,
    I love my springfield but now maybe I will be looking ata Ruger 1911. Have been thinking SA RO, would be great to see a comparison.
    I know what you mean about Rugers, in general, they do get some dissing. They are a very conservative company, everytime a new release of theirs is announced everyone starts complaining it will be "Rugerized" ie gaudied up with safety warnings etc. True, but a fact of modern life. I own a SR9 9mm. True ruger doesnt have the "heritage" of SA (yeah i know not the same company now that George Washington authourized) but there is none of that at Ruger. THe SR9 works as well as my Glocks, yes there are many more parts, and had to be sent back for recall. But damn, the thing is accurate as hell and built like a tank. Generally some rugers suffer from a weird design aesthetic compared to other brands, and are better known for their single action pistols and some great rifles, but I am now convinced they have really done a great job on their 1911.
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    That's why when I buy from that shop I ask if they can do any better. They always knock $50-$100 off.
  13. Mine as well. :)
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    I can't get the Vance Outdoors site even to load right now, anyone else having issues?
  15. I think we should cut Ruger some slack here. They currently are producing several guns that are phenomenaly popular, the LCR, LCP, LC9, SR9c, SR40c and now the SR1911. These are popular for good reason, there great guns! I think their success has surprised even them. I'm sure the SR1911 will become more available in time.
  16. I'm waitn for a blacked out railed sr1911. If they produce that, I'll be sold
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    Not loading here either. Must be swamped with people looking for an SR1911.

  18. No doubt it will :)
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    I think Ruger hacked into their site and planted a virus so no one could get those SR1911's.:whistling:

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