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Ruger Rimfire Challange

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by SD Handgunner, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Well this years Ruger Rimfire Challange is done. I learned a lot of things shooting in the Ruger Rimfire Challange for the first time ever.

    #1 is for this type of shooting even a 1.5x4.5x Rifle Scope on the Semi Custom 10/22 set at 1.5x is too much for this type of shooting and a Dot Type Sight is a must for Optical Sights.

    #2 is for this type of shooting the Burris Fast Fire III Red Dot Sight is too difficult to pick up the DOT quickly. I also learned that a larger diameter dot would be a lot faster for these old eyes. The last thing I learned is that a Red Dot is hard to see against a Red Stop Plate, especially when the sun is in my eyes and the red stop plate is in the shadows.

    #3 bring a hat next year.

    #4 is I SUCK and need lots more practice at quickly acquiring the targets and sight picture.


    Above are a few photos showing a couple of the stages of fire and of some grey haired old fart shooting my Handgun and Rifle.

    Each stage of fire (there were 5 stages) consisted of 5 white plates and a red stop plate. Yes the red stop plate must be shot last. If one of the white plates was missed it added 2 seconds to the total time and more time was added if the red stop plate was missed. Yes you could keep shooting and pick up missed plates but it was actually quicker to just go to the next plate (with the exception of the red stop plate that is).

    At each stage you shot both Rifle and Handgun. Each shooter with each gun shot 4 passes at the plates at each stage. All total if a person never missed this was 24 rounds through the rifle and 24 rounds through the handgun at each of the 5 stages. That's 240 rounds with no misses. For the record I shot a total of 277 rounds for the day but to be honest not all of the extra rounds were shot due to misses. At some of the stages I double tapped the stop plate due to visibility as I could not always tell if I hit it the first time so I just kept shooting.

    I managed to win a really nice Blue Ruger Handgun Case from the door prize drawings. Looks like it big enough to hold a 7" Ruger MKIII Scoped. It has pockets for 8 magazines on the outside under a velcro flap and on the other side on the outside are two large pockets for ammo and such.

    All in all it was a really fun day and I know I will be going back next year. Next year my oldest daughter is going to shoot in the St Cloud Ruger Rimfire Challange also. My oldest daughter was trying to talk my grand daughter into shooting the Ruger Rimfire Challange next year but at this point she is telling her mom no (but I am betting that will change) My son in law is also talking about shooting next year too.

    My nephew Jon shot in the St Cloud Ruger Rimfire Challange this year and it sounds like both his wife and he are going to be shooting again next year.

    All totalled there were 97 shooters that competed this year. Yes I was a long way down the list but now know what I need to change for next year. Who knows maybe a new Handgun will be in order for next year.

  2. brisk21


    May 13, 2008
    I had some friends that did that up here in Michigan. I really wanted to do it, but I had to work. It looks like alot of fun!

  3. catalyst686


    Apr 13, 2010
    Looks like a ton of fun, I love my Ruger!


    May 21, 2005
    Central Michigan
    Was this shoot in Rockford or is there others around Michigan? I ask because I've wanted to attend one of these and the one in Rockford is the only one i've heard of.
  5. brisk21


    May 13, 2008

    Yeah the one in Rockford is the one Im referring to. I really wanted to go but it didn't work out. I was hoping for more in Michigan as well but Ive heard nothing.
  6. RJHUB


    Nov 27, 2009
    Is that a Troy kit on your Ruger?
    If so, how do you like it. I am thinking about getting
  7. No actually it is a ProMag Archangel 556 Kit. I replaced the buttstock with a MagPul CTR and I modified the Free Float Tube having the rails milled off. I then reduced the outside diameter of the free float tube so I could slip a DPMS Carbon Fiber Rifle Length Free Float Tube on it (which I shortened 3").

    This rifle was originally put in a Nordic Components AR-22 Receiver Chassis Kit to which I added a Model 1 Sales 6 Position Collapsable Buttstock and Buffer Tube, CAA UPG-16 AR-15 Grip and DPMS Carbine Aluminum Length Free Float Tube but it was a bit heavy for the young kids at our local club to shoot thus the reason for going to the ProMag Archangel 556 Kit as it is quite a bit lighter in weight.

    This 10/22 basically lives in my work vehicle to dispatch unwanted pests while at work, but also sees a lot of use each winter at our Indoor Shooting Range for our Youth Shoots.

  8. toofman


    Nov 29, 2011
    Need to post some pics of your Ruger.
  9. If you are referring to the 10/22, I can do that.





    OK let's see if I get this right. The top two photos should be of the finished product with the Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube. The bottom two photos should be of the Archangel Free Float Tube with the top and bottom rails milled off and the original buttstock.

    The barrel is a factory carbine barrel that I had shortened to 17" removing the front sight in the process. I thought this skinny little barrel looked goofy sticking out of the Free Float Tube so I had my factory barrel further modified so I could attach a .920" OD Green Mountain Non Slotted Areo Barrel Shroud to the factory barrel to give it the appearance of a bull barrel without the added weight.

    The Trigger has been gone through by yours truly and the bolt has had the headspace set, firing pin pinned and rear face radiused for smoother cycling.

  10. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    Looks like a great time :cool: