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  1. I've got two Ruger Single-Six, 22 revolvers that I bought about ten years apart. After I got the second one a few days ago, I noticed that it has a worn spot on the right side of the frame, in the same spot that the older one I've got has one.

    I thought that was sort of odd. I didn't think too much about the first one. It was a used gun with a worn spot on it. It happens...big deal. But when I saw a second gun, with basically the same spot, I got to looking closer and realized that the spot matches up with a raised spot in the plastic box the guns come shipped in.

    Gun Number one.


    Number two.


    You can clearly see the blemishes between the pins, in the pictures.

    I might be the last person in the world to note this but I thought I'd comment on it. I don't use those boxes for storage/transport, but I'm sure some people do.

    When Ruger ships the guns, they're wrapped in a plastic bag, which gets between the box and the gun, and limits the slippage in the box. If you're going to use the box for storage/transport, it might be a good idea to put something soft between them.
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  3. I would notice it too. And it would kind of be a wee bit upsetting...

  4. That's why I love the old Ruger cardboard boxes. ;)
  5. Well, the reason I love the old cardboard boxes, is I like the old guns that came in the cardboard boxes. :supergrin:

    But thos will do for shooters.

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