Ruger P95 feed problems

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by msuple2, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Ive heard of a few other people having this problem one even on this forum. I thought i would bring it up again in case there is any new info. I just purchased a Ruger P95. When I rack the slide the round in the chamber discharges but the slide gets hung up on the new round. Does anyone know how to remedy this situation?

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  2. hehe... I didn't know Ruger made an operating system..

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    That said, it may just need some time to break in..., clean and lube it good, then take it out and put 500rds through it, clean/lube, repeat. I'm guessing once you get it broke in, it will be fine. I've had a P90 and a P89 for a while w/o issue(but had a P97 that had numerous issues)...


  3. Insert your CD and boot into safe mode ;)
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    Reformat and do a fresh install. :supergrin:

    Back on topic.....Make sure there are no mill marks on the feed ramp. Also check the lips on the magazines. If they've been dropped, they could be slightly bent. If it's a new pistol, make sure to clean it, lube it, and run some FMJ rounds through it to help break it in.
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  5. You fell in our nerd trap. We're all caught.
  6. See the small pin hole next to the drive slot? You can stick a paper clip in there and get the drive door to pop open.

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    It's "all about" RAMp reliability.

    Upgrade to a HK, SIG or Glock; problem solved :tongueout:
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  8. There's been some good(and not so good, :) ) suggestions here...

    I wanted to add, that mag/recoil springs can also be the culprit when it comes to feed issues.

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    I just saw this happening to a guy on Sat. The problem for him was way to much lube. I told him I used to have one and it is like Glocks in the sense that it does`nt need alot of oil. I put about 1500rds. trough mine and it never once had a problem.
  10. OH, that kind of tech. I have an issue with reading instructions.
    Thanks for all of the help, Ill take a look and see whats up.
  11. LOL.. You're not the first person to do that, and us geeks down here tend to get a kick out of it when it happens...

    There's a "Non-Glock Firearms" forum.. perhaps someone there would be more informed and be able to help you.
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    I'll have you know sir, that I am a recovering geek.....I haven't bitten the head off of a chicken in over a week. :tongueout:

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