Ruger One Million Gun Challenge

Discussion in 'Ruger Club' started by Sbh87, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Sbh87

    Sbh87 Handgunner

    Anyone buy a Ruger or two during the the challenge? If you did what did you get and post some pics. I bought a MKIII and I am about a week away from picking up an LC9. The single six in the picture was purchased back in 09 So I know it doesn't count but still a nice firearm.

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  3. Looking to buy a SP101 3 1/16" barrel adjustable sights and in .357 mag but have not found it yet. Did pick up a P95PR15 though.

  4. Going to picking up an SR22 and 10/22 soon.
  5. TucsonGlocker

    TucsonGlocker Young Gun

    I picked up a Ruger SR22 and absolutely love it!

  6. When did it start? i bought my LCP back about this time last year and then my LC9 in august of last year i think. Oh and i almost forgot i picked up a 10/22 same day as the LCP and i got my dad a super black hawk for his birthday in april. Don't know how many of those count but i just realized how many freakin rugers i bought last year. Oh well i know the mklll or 22/45 im fixing to pick up will definitely count so ill have one at least. Im also thinking of an sr22 but i kinda want to give it awhile for them to work any potential bugs out of them.

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  7. picked up a LCP .380 and a sp101 3" just because they were there :)
  8. Cole125

    Silver Member

    I got a Mini 14, two 10/22s, and a MKIII during the challenge. Anything to help the cause. :cool:
  9. Sbh87

    Sbh87 Handgunner

    Started 04/01/2011 and ends 03/31/2012. It started at last years NRA convention and ends in time for this years convention.

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  10. So i guess i have 2 that count towards the challenge so far and i hope to make that 3 before to long

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  11. I've done my part. Since April I have picked up a SPS-101 (357 Mag), a Redhawk (44 Mag) and a Blackhawk (45 Colt). :supergrin:
  12. I've bought 2 LCR's, one for my Dad and one for myself.

    What kind of prize do we win? :cool:
  13. Actually i read they have an essay contest going for a chance to win a sr1911 or a scout rifle i believe.

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  14. I bought a new 10/22 during that time frame and a used MKII just the other day but that one probably doesn't count.
  15. TSAX


    I wonder where their at in the challenge just 10 days before the meetings.

  16. LCR on the 31st.
  17. What is this challenge you speak of?

    I bought a SR22 and a LC9 on 3-30.

    I also bought a LCP for my wife about a month ago, but don't remember the exact date. Sometime in March.
  18. HalfHazzard

    HalfHazzard Señor Member

    I bought a Ruger LCR in .357 Magnum. They gave me a "Million Gun Challenge" T-shirt in X-Large that my girlfriend wears as pajamas. Great T-shirt I tell you.

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