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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by tattedglock651, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Had one a while rid of it. It is a painful shooter and I could not knock beer bottles down from 10 feet away...

    It has a smooth and really nice feeling trigger, but there is no noticeable break so you cannot stage it. If I go the 38 spl revolver route again it will have a shrouded hammer.

    That said, if someone wants to trade you a Taurus for one, absolutely go for it...

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    It's a .38 snub.... you don't stage the trigger, you snap straight through. It's a defensive piece, not a target gun.

    I've never been attacked by a beer bottle, but I could get a palm-sized group rapid fire at 15 yards without an issue on a silhouette.

  3. I've had my .38 LCR for a few years now. Shoots nice and recoil is controllable. I have no problem hitting a 12" steel plate at 25 yards with it. Probably further than a self-defense scenario would call for. I carry mine in a Desanti Nemesis pocket holster with a Bianchi speed strip.
  4. Awesome trigger. Most accurate snub nose I've ever shot. Less recoil than one would expect from such a light gun. Easy to carry. I highly recommend it.
  5. I've only had mine for a couple weeks. It's the .38 version. This thing is not fun to shoot. It beats the heck out of my hand. I feel like a wuss listening to these guys say how soft it shoots, and I'm a big guy. But, admittidly I have little experience with revolvers and this is my only experience with a snubby. I've put a 410 rounds through it, mostly cheap range ammo with a little +p mixed in for good measure. At first I couldn't hit anything with it. After some research and practice, I find it to be quite accurate. 21 ft is 10 ring and 25 yards will stay on a paper plate. All in all, I like this little guy a lot. It is more than capable for its intended purpose.


    Mine is the one with the hogue boot grip and tritium front sight.
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    I just got the .22 LCR last week.
    While I always have a weakness for .22's, I have to say the LCR went right to one of my favorites.
    Starting with being accurate this gun weighs loaded with 8 rounds less then my pocket flash light!
    If you load it with Stingers, it's not even that bad of a backup gun.
    The .357 version is great too, I would not go with the .38 since you can shoot the .38 out of the .357. So why not get the full package.
    The LCR line is one more example how Ruger is separating themselves in the firearms industry through innovative quality firearms at affordable prices.

  7. Nice gun. I would like the tritium front sight,but haven't yet taken the time and trouble to go that way. Will before long, though.

    Regarding handling, guess the rest of us are comparing apples to apples. I don't think any small handgun with adequate personal defense loads is going to be "easy" to handle compared broadly to handguns overall -- not to me, anyway.

    When folks say it has soft recoil, I assume they are comparing it to other similarly small, light guns/revolvers -- like a j-frame. I don't consider any of those easy to handle, at all, compared generally to larger platforms, and imagine most people would not; but, the LCR can seem a little on the soft side when compared to other guns of similar type and size.

    You are not alone in feeling like your hand takes a beating. If you shoot it regularly you do get somewhat used to it after a while. Then, your hand just gets tired, but you don't feel so beat up. Not necessary to put a lot of rounds through it at one session, just get regular practice.
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  8. ashtxsniper

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    I love the trigger on the lcr's. I was in the market to get a lcr 357 but I got a steal on a S&W 340 pd so the lcr 357 will have to wait till another day.
  9. Thanks, and that makes perfect sense. I think practice is key. Like I said, it is getting better everytime. I think my grip is a big factor in this too. I've been studying Jerry Miculec techniques. Night and day difference from where I started.
  10. NEOH212

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    +1 He's trading up! :thumbsup:
  11. Well I got it I'm trying to post a pic of it but it won't let me says I've reached my quota whatever that means... But I got it shot 50 rounds out of it today very nice little pistol!!

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  12. [​IMG]

    Oh now it wants to work...

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  13. MrMurphy

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    Liberty911, far more experienced shooters than you have had bad things to say about the Boot Grip. Enough so it's now not a factory option.

    If you've ever shot a Titanium/Scandium S&W....the LCR is pretty gentle, especially with the basic rubber grip (not the one you have).
  14. HalfHazzard

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    I have the LCR 357, and shoot .38 out of it. I love it. GREAT trigger. And the factory grips are great for an average sized male shooter.
  15. I've had the .38 slp for a couple of years. It's been a great gun and I really enjoy the trigger. Frankly, it's better than a couple of semiautos IMO. It travels nicely in my new Remora IWB.

    That being said, I'm picking up an LC9 tomorrow which may just replace the LCR as my CCW. I just like having more rounds in a thinner package that's easier to carry.

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