Ruger LCR Holster

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Mark CA, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Mark CA

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    Ordered my Mitch Rosen holster from Ruger online for my LCR. Came yesterday and I've been wearing it ever since. Pulls the LCR right up next to me and conceals well. I am tall and slender, and this holster works quite nicely for me. The holster is well made and fits my LCR perfectly of course.

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  3. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    Looks great.I think I need to save up for one.

  4. pics?
  5. Here's a Comp Tac 2 o'clock and a Tuff Products pocket holster.
  6. I would like something for IWB, but I have found nothing that works right.
  7. I have one from The Holster Store ( that works good. It is marked-


    I also use one that my son picked up at a gun show for $10. It just says Made In The USA. I actually prefer it, even though the other one is a good holster, because the gun sits a little lower in it.

  8. I'm carrying mine in a Remora that I bought for a G26. It is fine.

    Remora makes one for the LCR but I have not bought it yet.

    Under 30 bucks is worth a try.

    8RCH is 24.95

    Let me know how it works.........I may buy one.

  9. Wow! That "2 o'clock" kydex holster looks great.
    Never thought much about apendix carry, but the LCR and that holster might be a good reason to start!
  10. Does your Crimson Trace sight interfere with your HKS speedloader?

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