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  1. BLau

    Hogue makes a grip that locks into place on the gun and it takes the snap away from the gun. I can shoot all day with it on.

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  2. What is the specific model you like for your LCP. If I find a link with a pic, I'll show it to my wife and see if she wants to buy one.

    Thanks :)

  3. BLau


    Edit: Here's the pic...

    I'll find my LCP pic when I get home. The Hogue grip I have came with an extra long frame pin. It locks on to the gun via the butt and the rear frame pin. There are at least two models I am aware of, one for the laser and the other without the laser. I have the latter. The one for the laser has a bump on the grip to accommodate the button on the front of the grip. And if you are wondering about the night sights, look up Innovative Arms. They install the sights, polish the barrel, and refinish the slide for $165.

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  4. Very cool set up.
  5. The Hogue Hybrid grip plus a Pierce grip extension makes the LCP much more comfortable to shoot and helps to mitigate the felt recoil.
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  6. To summarize what I'm hearing from the Glock-Talkers here is the Sig is the better shooter and the LCP is the better pocket carry gun.

    If I was to holster carry it would be neither of these guns. My G27 would be my first choice. The G27 problem is being too thick for a pocket, especially if you add a pocket holster.

    If I wanted a pocket gun it seems the Ruger LCP would win my purchase against the Sig 238. I do not like the LCP's trigger, but training and practice could help solve this issue.
  7. Boot--that's my take as well. However, the p238 carries so well IWB that it is still worth considering. There are times when even a G26 is a little hard to conceal but the p238 isn't.
  8. After owning both, I now carry a P238 all summer long. Now that the 938 is out, I'll be getting that when I can get the extreme local at a good price.

    I liked the lcp for being a pocket pistol, extremely light weight and compact. Very easy to conceal. I didn't like the long heavy double action trigger pull, lack of sights, and harsh recoil. I never had one problem, no FTF, FTE, nothing. Ran flawless well over 1000 rounds that I had it. Plus at less than 300 bucks, it was definitely a nice fit for me at the time which was trading carry time with my G19RTF2.

    I sold the LCP and recently picked up the desert P238. Talk about a night and day difference. Better trigger, better sights, very smooth action, more accurate (for me). I did have to send it back to sig right after I bought it due to very very erratic ejection. They paid, and also offered me 20% off any additional services. I upgraded to the ambi safety. The gun was back in my hands a week to the day that I sent it off. Works flawlessly now. Can't complain one bit.

    I have just seen the P938 hit my stores locally. Its only in one store that I called around and it was pretty high priced for the base model in my opinion. So I'll be holding onto my 238 until I can find a model I like better at a more reasonable price. I'm more of a 9mm guy and since the 938 really isn't much bigger at all, I'm going to make the switch.
  9. tag_heuer

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    Well...after everyone's input i bought a Sig P238 Equinox today. Thanks you to everyone for their two cents. I truly appreciate it.
  10. NeverMore1701

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    Good choice! I replaced my P3AT with a P238. Sights, trigger, recoil... hell, even looks are worlds better on the Sig. Will be trying out a 938 after they've been out a year or so.

  11. tag_heuer

    tag_heuer Member

    Well....I'd love to post a pic of my new gun, but I have to wait up to 90 days for it to arrive. I'm left handed and there was no ambi versions in stock. So...I must wait. But no regrets.
  12. i've shot both and own the 238, the 238 is a tad larger but superior in fit and finish...i can shoot it much faster than the lcp and stay on target...not to mention the sights on the 238 destroy the mockery of sights on the lcp...

    shoot both and buy what feels best to you...
  13. You have picked 2 fine, fine pistols here and can't go wrong! I would get the LCP. It's maybe a bit more dependable design and is smaller and lighter. I have nothing bad to say about the 238, but I love my 2 LCP's and would go that route if you are going for a solid deep concealment pistol!

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