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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by internal, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Wow is all I have to say.

    I have a G19 with Mtac and while I love that carry setup, it's big enough of a setup that I can't carry at work (semi-casual, shirt tucked in) nor can I go biking, hiking or running without really feeling the G19 there.

    Friend of mine picked up an LCP for his girl and I was able to try it out on our last shooting trip and I couldn't believe how small, light and how well the gun felt in the hand and shot.

    Now I have 7 rounds of .380 on me ALL times, vs. 16 rounds of 9mm at my house majority of the time. It was a great trade off IMO.

    I wanted a G26 at first but then I started realizing I wouldn't be in any different of a situation vs. my G19, maybe save a few OZ but the G26 is still a heavy gun and as well all know it's far from a pocket gun.

    The LCP is 9.5oz unloaded and 12.5oz fully loaded with 7 rounds of 380.

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  2. I am looking at the Kahr CM9, almost as small as the LCP but a 9mm.

  3. Not at all fond of the .380 or pocket autos. I choose to go J-frame myself.

    If I just had to have a would be the LC9.
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  4. IMO, it's not even close to the same size.

    I checked out all super small 9mm's and all seem to be at least 15oz unloaded and usually at least 1.5lbs loaded.

    IMO that is too big for a superlight pocket gun, might as well buy a g26 and carry it IWB if you have to use a holster for the super small 9mm's anyways.

    Plus, when hiking, biking or walking/running I'm not kidding every single oz counts.

    380 or 9mm what's the difference at 7 yards or less? I'm emptying the mag in either situation.
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  5. Was never a fan of 380 or pocket autos either. Always carried my sp101 OWB or my G19 IWB. When I held and shot the LCP that changed everything.

    IMO j frames are way too thick at the cylinder, plus even the lightest ones weigh just as much as the super small 9mms and they only hold 5 shots so the small revolvers don't bring alot to the table.

    IMO small revolvers are better suited for people who don't want to learn a manual of arms and they just want a simple pistol that's always ready to go at the house. No slide racking, no dealing with mags, etc

    The LC9 is nice but it's almost 18oz unloaded, fully loaded it's going to be almost a 1.5lb gun, again its a nice gun but it's far from a gun you can throw in your pocket.

    If I have to use a holster I might as well just carry my G19 or get a g26.
    I'm telling you guys, give the LCP a shot if you have the opportunity to hold and shoot one, you might be surprised like I was.
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  6. I'm a big fan of the LCP too. It's so light, even when loaded, that I forget it's on me after the first minute of carry. It's definately not a range gun, but when practicing with it, I can nail a paper plate at 15 yards. They're not the tighest groups, but if I ever have to use this pistol, the distance will be much closer than 15 yards anyway. At the price they're at, why not own one?
  7. I picked up a kel tec .380 and really like it. Very light, accurate (w/in 7 yards), and concealable - especially with a belt clip. It has pushed my kahr cw9 to 2nd place as a carry pistol. In Florida's heat, you have to consider your clothing and the type of pistol you carry.
  8. That's exactly how I feel and what I was looking for in my next gun.
    I figure if the gun is so light and I can't ever feel it, that's going to make me carry it everyday even when at work and I have to have wear nice tucked in clothing.

    I took a hard look at how often I do (and can) carry my G19 with Mtac and I found I've been carrying it less and less due to work and the fact that even though the g19/mtac is a good setup, you still always know it's there when you're carrying it.

    Weather is starting to get warm here, kinda hard to wear a t shirt and not have to think about printing, shirt riding up, where I sit down at a restaurant, etc etc etc.

  9. From what I understand the LCP is really a rip off of the keltec P3at so we're talking about the same pistol here, glad to hear it's worked out well for you.

    BTW that Kahr is a really nice pistol but man that thing is EXPENSIVE.
    The less then $300 price tag of the LCP was one of the pro's for me and really helped me decide that I'm ok with buying 380 as much as I wanted to stick with 9mm for obvious reasons.
  10. I have read too many accounts of failures to stop with the .380 rounds.

    I think the old saying that most of the shooting schools use is "carry a .380 when you cant carry a gun".
  11. Already got one. Love it. Much easier to carry than my Blocks.
  12. Yep. I decided the G19 was a little too big, the SP101 was a little too heavy, but the LCP is just right. I have since added a G33 to my collection and love it, but the LCP still gets carry time. If I am in the house it is in my pocket 80% of the time. The rest of the time I still have my other carry gun on.
  13. I've heard of cases of .45 not stopping someone.
    I've heard of cases of 7.62x39 not stopping someone.

    Where do you draw the line?
    Is 9mm the magical line?
    Is 40 the magical line?

    IMO, buy what you know you'll carry daily, practice with it as much as you can and everything will fall into place.

    I don't get caught up in thinking certain calibers are instant death rays anymore.
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  14. When given the opportunity, I would certainly carry a larger caliber gun. We all can agree that the larger the caliber, the better chance of stopping someone immediately. However, let's say I'm forced to fire at an attacker, and I manage to put 3 out of my seven rounds of .380 into them. If they aren't down, I'm probably going to have an advantage over them if they get their hands on me.

    I'm in the same situation as the OP. My dress dictates what I can carry a lot of the time.
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  15. When I cannot carry my G33 comfortably, I carry the LCP....and it seems that during the Summer, its my best option. Well, at least until my Kimber Solo comes in. Who knows when that will be???
  16. Oooooh. I want one of those too!
  17. I'm not going to go buy an LCP because I prefer my S&W Bodyguard .380. Glad you dig your LCP, though.
  18. This is kind of a ridiculous thread, comparing a G19 to an LCP.
  19. The solo looks nice but it's like the rest of them, it's over a pound unloaded.
    Too heavy for pocket carry, so you're left with using a holster and in turn if you have to use a holster there's better options.
  20. This is the section of the board that is about carrying.

    In that context, how is the LCP vs. the g19 not up for discussion?

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