Ruger Finally Steps Up!

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by recon, Jan 13, 2013.

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  2. Done and done.

  3. Got a EMail from FRONT SIGHT this morning, that address was with it....Very easy to do and in 3 min. there was 6 letters going out...GREAT POST>>>THANKS
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  4. Thanks for the post. I completed it, and emailed the link to at least 20 people, with a request that each of them complete it and email the link to 20 people.
  5. Thanks the link. This is an easy step all of us should take. I encourage everyone to also write a personal letter or make a phone call to your representative in addition to these form letters.
  6. I forwarded this link to a bunch of my freedom loving friends. One of them doesn't even own a gun but he supports the second amendment.
  7. CanMan

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    Thanks & done.
  8. Very Impressed with Ruger right now, not so much in the past. Although I do own more Rugers than any other gun manufacturer. Thanks recon.
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    have a Ruger done it
  12. Done. I love how simple it was.
  13. aptrpl6

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    Done! I have a sudden urge to buy more Rugers now!:supergrin:
  14. Almost seems like fun
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  15. Done....did it!
  16. Done, can anyone show me how to put on facebook

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