Ruger factory 25 compared to Butler Creek "Pic's review"

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by Dan, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I did a little table top review with pic's and went to the range. I will have to say, the Ruger mag is VERY well made. It doesn't feel like a lesser quality plastic, in other words... the Ruger mag is built like a Glock Mag. On top of that it functioned flawlessly at the range today. The Butler Creek mag still works well with no issue's and they both are the same price. I plan on buying a few more of the Ruger mags this week.

    Ruger and Butler Creek mag

    Ruger mag on the right:

    Ruger mag on the left:

    Ruger mag on top:

    Ruger mag on the right:


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    Actually, the best thing about the Ruger mag is that Butler Creek is cutting the price on their steel lips mags to compete. I bought a couple BC steel lips last week for $15/ea.

  3. Nice comparison pictures. I like the looks of the Ruger mag but I also like the ability to see how many rounds are left. If the BC steel lips are getting less expensive, that works for me!
  4. shotgunred

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    Looks like the ruger's should work fine.
  5. BroncoAZ

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    Looks like I'll end up losing some money on my stash of the steel lips mags when I upgrade to the Ruger mags, oh well. The third picture does a great job of showing the 30 degree feed angle that ruger advertises. I have 2 of the new Ruger mags so far, but I haven't gotten a chance to test them.
  6. Got mine late last week, no problems. CDNN even gave me the discounted shipping, despite the fact that I ordered them before the Weekend Specials page actually went up online (thanks, CDNN!). I think they're still out-of-stock at CDNN right now, but when they have them, the mags sell for $24.99.

    Looks like they've upgraded the packaging from the plastic baggie. If you're looking for them in the stores, this is how mine were packaged:


    Didn't have much time today, but got a chance to run 200 rounds through them (2 mags, 4 full loadings of 25 in each mag). Ammo was CCI Blazer lead round nose (the ammo that my newest 10/22 prefers for reliable functioning).

    100 rounds through each mag, no stoppages at all.

    Mags seem very thick and solid; I don't fear dropping these on the concrete like the other plastic mags. Not sure of the material, but my impression is: solid as a rock.

    Easy to load, too; very similar to the 10-shot factory mags in this regard.

    Two thumbs up so far; will be testing them in two other 10/22s in the future, and if they perform similarly, I'll be junking/selling all my other hi-cap 10/22 mags.

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