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Ruger (DAO) 2 1/4" SP-101 or G26?

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Fire_Medic, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher CLM

    May 19, 2008
    The Gunshine State
    Thanks everyone for your input, I ended up with a G27 for now, and as summer approaches will get the SP 101 in 357 Magnum to have some variety.
  2. 2740dmx


    Mar 9, 2009
    You cannot go wrong with the G27 for CCW!
    I carry in a Fist, Inc IWB holster made of ultra-thin kydex.
    It is literally paper-thin and has offset belt loops, keeping it even thinnner.

    I have a problem, which is that I always have two or three guns on my wish list, but cannot usually afford a new one without trading one in...

    I have to keep reminding myself of the constant search for a "better" ccw weapon that I USED to be on....until I discovered the G27.
    For me, it is the stubby grip that conceals so well, and the lightweight combined with the capacity and ultra-reliability.

    The only thoughts I have of getting rid of my Gen3 G27 are for trading it in on a Gen4 G27 (I like the smaller grip circumference and the tackier grip surface)

    Great choice!

  3. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher CLM

    May 19, 2008
    The Gunshine State
    I had fondled a Gen 4 as well, bot for me the smaller grip is not needed (big hands) and I didn't want a HUGE magazine release on a pistol that disappears in my hands, and I really have seen no difference in recoil with the new spring. All things that are personal preference of course, to each their own.
  4. Best of luck with the G27. Let us know when you pick up the SP 101...As mentioned, you can't go wrong with either one...

    I took a gander at his website and I've got my eye on a few of his holsters. He has a nice selection of basic holsters, the prices aren't too steep and Erik replies quickly to E-mail inquiries....
  5. tortoise


    Dec 18, 2000
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2013
  6. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher CLM

    May 19, 2008
    The Gunshine State
    Another reason the Glock got the nod for me, the capacity. I agree 100%, along with the times changing so has crime and the criminals. I don't think it's paranoid at all, the cops are riding in two's because the criminals aren't working alone, not the other way around.

    As for ammo availability, most of the departments around me shoot 40SW and thats what it available most, as apparent during the ammo crunch, however I reload my own ammo, and already own another 40SW pistol, as well as 9mm, so with a barrel swap and mags I can shoot 9mm out of the 40 (although I probably won't as I can water down my 40 loads for the misses), and as for SD ammo, both calibers cost the same, but I also periodically get some good free 40 ammo from a friend ;)
  7. den888


    Sep 4, 2009
    SF Bay Area
    G26 in this case
  8. Ron3


    Sep 6, 2001
    I've fired Ruger Sp101's and Glock 9mm's (g26 included) considerably and carried both daily. (Well, G27)

    Get the G26. It's as easy to carry and a far better fighting gun.
  9. 2740dmx


    Mar 9, 2009
    Just wanted to bring this thread back to the top, to say that...

    I just re-read my old posts, concerning my G27, and how I love it, but would never get rid of it...

    I just got rid of it :embarassed:...

    I now am carrying a DAO Ruger snub.

    My last few range sessions with my G27 just didn't feel right...
    I had to re-position my hand after every few shots, due to the sharp flip of the muzzle (must be getting weak...been shooting this pistol for nearly two years, and don't remember it being this difficult) and couldn't carry IWB with "sandpaper" aftermarket grips..

    I had experienced failure to feed when shooting from (self-induced) awkward shooting postions (simulating potential scenarios that may occur during a struggle), and when point-shooting... the darn thing never seemed to line up naturally with my line of sight.

    I now am limited to only 5 shots, but those shots feel more natural, are just as accurate as the longer barreled G27, and most importantly, the SP just lines up naturally when point-shooting.

    It conceals easier for me (IWB), due to it's rounded shape and grip angle.
    It will fire (if maintained correctly) from any firing position (weak grip, upside-down, pressed against an attacker's body), and can handle full-house .357 magnums with ease.

    The muzzle blast and sharp report are a drawback when compared to the G27, but I will live with that, should I ever need to fire without ear plugs.

    Thanks for reading, I know the original poster already got a G27, but in re-reading, I found it interesting that my carry weapon has now changed.

    I will still keep my avatar and user name... cuz I don't want to change it all out!!:supergrin:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011
  10. duncan

    duncan Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 15, 1999
    Get both.

    That Ruger SP101 is a great snubbie.
  11. donquixote1955


    Mar 16, 2004
    I haven't read all the posts but; I used to carry my G-26 on the left side, for my weak hand but found I didn't like the way it felt in that hand, so now it rides in an Uncle Mikes pocket hoster for access to my right hand, an immediate back-up to my G-19. That being said, I'm looking to test fire a 3" SP101 (using .38 +P) at a rental range cause I'm looking for an at least semi-dedicated left hand gun (I'm right handed). I did see a used 3" Ruger Speed Six in a local gun shop for $495. I've shot a number of personally owned and 'borrowed' guns to include my G-19, 26, a 1911 style .45, a 1962 vintage Colt Detective Special, Charter Arms Undercover .38 and my company issued S&W M64-7. Of all these guns I found I'm able to control the 4" .38 the best left hand only. This is why I'm lookin forward to trying the 3" SP101. After that, it'll be a matter of five shots or six.