ruger 10 22 jamming please help

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  1. hey guys. i recentley bought a ruger 10 22 taclical w the target barrel used for 199. ruger says new retail is 560. it has the sweet 22 scope on it and i bought a ruger 25 rd mag and a volquartsen extractor. i am having some issues with feeding. the rounds wont go in all the way. i had to manualy close the bolt the first time i shot it. it would shoot the first few rounds fine. maby 1 outa 15 rounds fail to feed. they seem like there going in slightley sideways or somthing and get stuck where the lead meets the breech. i see alot of posts about this on youtube and the usual culprets are the stock extractor wich i already replaced with no sucess the cheep mags wich i dont have the top scope mounts being to tight wich i compleetley remooved and had the same problem and cheep ammo. iv put cci in and still have the same problem. iv put this gun on an auction in anticipation of fixing it and posibley making a few dollers but the extractor i was sure would fix it ddnt. im up to 309 and dnt wanna sell the poor bastard a broken gun. pleeeeease aaaany advice would help . i have thouroughley cleaned it and the bolt slams shut w/out any rounds in it. i thought the ruger 10 22 was suposed to b reliable what the hell ruger:steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed:

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  3. The stock ruger is reliable. When you add aftermarket parts, you add more factors to the reliability issue. In my experience with my ruger, ithas always been the magazine. The bolt and feeding mechanism, is pretty straight foward. I would put in a OEM ten round mag, and see if it jams. More than likely, it won't. Unless the extractor or the aftermarket barrel are not seated well.

  4. well thats just the thing... i should have specafied... the stock ruger 10 rd drom and the stock extractor were in wen it was jamming i replaced both trying to solve the issue
  5. Just changing out the mag is not going to fix the issue. You should join up on some 10/22 forums or atleast start reading up on how the gun functions. I am in no means telling you that you need to do this and that so on. Just it will help understanding how the gun works and what will happen if you change certon parts. If you keep running the gun this way it will start stovepiping and that is not good. Sounds like there is a reason why the gun was sold at the price it was but does not mean its not an easy fix. Watch a few vids on youtube and stripe it down and give it a good cleaning. I bet your buffer is damaged.($1) Also the newer actions are just nasty. Covered with overspray and so on. Drop the bolt out and polish where the bolt slides. This also can be found on youtube as there are hundreds of videos on all of this. Make sure there is not leading in the headspace area. Polish the bolt to a shine and check the clip for back to back play while in the gun. When it comes to 10/22s I can go on for ever. It just comes to this. Brake it down. Clean it up and inspect all parts. Go from there. It is not the ammo unless you have been dropping your rounds in the sand pit befor loading them in your gun. Good luck hope this helps and sorry for a long answer.
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    OP - Maybe a recoil spring might help. They're cheap - under $5.

    PS - Your writing style/spelling is difficult to read.
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  7. i am currently waiting on ruger to send me a buffer, fireing pin , charging handle, firing pin spring, and firing pin stop. i will install and let u know, any other advive would b awsome thanks so much for all the imput
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    Dear Lord,..........that was painful to read!!!!!:steamed:
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  9. +1

    I'm not reading it.

    Change it back to stock configuration, get a new mag, and lube the hell out of it.

    I'll bet your problems stop.
  10. Check the bottom of the bolt for rub marks from the mag lips. They are metal correct? Maybe mag lips need sanded a little. Lip to high= rubbing bottom of the bolt and slowing it down enough to not properly feed round? Just an idea?
  11. First, do rounds drop in the chamber easily by hand?

    If not, you may have a burr on the chamber mouth, shouldn't happen from dry-firing with a 10/22 but since you bought the gun used, who know what happened to it after it left the factory.

    A chamber iron can usually fix it pretty easily.
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    Did you install the extractor? Did it have this issue before the new extractor ? Make sure the extractor was installed correctly and try a factory 10 round mag.My 10/22 had feeding issues out of the box.I installed a VQ extractor and spring.It's been 100% flawless since.
  13. the rounds feed into the chamber fine by hand and the problems were there before i put in my extractor.again thank you all for your help. this seems like a great auction ends today i dont think its gunna get to what i want for it. im just gunna take it bak to the gun store and have them try n fix it. they got a little indoor range and are a pretty large store , i will let u all kno how i make out.
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    Did you buy it new?
    If not did the previous owner change out any of the Ruger factory parts?
    What type(s) of ammo are you using?
    Did you ever take any Grammar & English lessons?
  15. i bought the gun used. i just piked up a bunch of stuff from ruger. waiten for it to come in. but i used crappy ammo at first and thought that was the problem but i also tries cci minie mags with no success
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    I would blame that before blaming Ruger as the 10-22 is the highest selling .22 semi rifle for very good reason. Did you ever wonder why you got it so cheap??
  17. i really hate to think my gunstore ripped me off. i travel 45 min and pass 5 other stores on the way because they always have the best customer service and lowest prices. i think they may have made a mistake and sold it to me as just a used ruger 10 22 not the tactical modle. i onley knew it was a tacticle modle because i was researching them for weeks.

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