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Rudy Lozano, Black Hills Leather custom leather holster, NEW, Glock 19/23

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by FirearmsInPhoenix, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. FirearmsInPhoenix


    Jan 25, 2010
    I received in the mail on 10/29/2010 from Rudy Lozano at Black Hills Leather the following holster that I'm now posting for sale:

    * Pancake Style

    [FONT=tahoma, Verdana, Trebuchet MS]* [/FONT]
    Open top high-ride holster

    * Full combat grip

    * Hand-boned for Glock 19/23

    * Metal reinforcement top

    * Closed bottom

    * Fully smooth leather lined

    * Tension Screw

    * 15-20 degree forward cant

    * 1.5" Belt Slots

    * Color- Dark Chestnut

    Why am I selling when I just received it? Because I don't think I was able to get across that I wanted a 35-40 degree forward cant angle. I still need a holster with that angle - something like DM Bullard's Bodyguard but without the 4-5 month wait (I have something coming up that I need the holster for). However, when I received this holster today, it had a 15-20 degree cant angle.

    I don't want to return it to Mr. Lozano because he was so nice, did excellent work, did it in a 3 week turn around, and gave me an excellent custom hand boned smooth leather lined holster for $79.95+ 13.00 shipping (that's a good price for the amazing quality I received).

    But alas, I still need my 35-40 degree cant angle holster, and I can't afford to just buy holsters willy nilly. So, I'm selling this one.

    It Is Brand New. I put my G19 in it, put on my belt to see if it would work for me, and decided it wouldn't. I then took the pictures below, posted this, and put the holster back in the box it came in.

    Was $75.00, now $65.00 shipped (see what I paid above, or on the Black Hills Leather site). That is an excellent price for a holster of this quality with no wait period, except for the US postal service priority delivery time.

    Will accept PayPal, but either you pay the fees, or conduct a fee-less paypal donation in the amount requested.

    First PM or email (joshuadavidbrooks(at) that says "I'll take it" and explains a plan for payment will get this.

    I've sold on ebay (joshua3274, 100% feedback), watchuseek (as jPhoenix),, (as FirearmsInPhoenix), and other forums all with only good results. Feel free to look me up.

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  2. FirearmsInPhoenix


    Jan 25, 2010
    Bump, Reduced.
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