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Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by GLOCKENSPIEL47, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. New the forum!!! Give a guy a break if this has been covered as I did not see anything in the searched areas regarding my question.

    I bought a Glock 22 RTF2G for $400 dollars and loved how it feels. It came with factory night sights that work well and I love the gun. I was thinking of collecting of few of these over time (gills only) and I wanted to know if the Pyramids on the grip wear off or get dull over time. Mine feels like low grit sandpaper and after shooting some of my palm skin rubs off. LoL. O well....

    Anyways, I was wondering if by shooting the gun as it should be to do i cause wear to the grip itself? If so, I will be buying a used or new Glock 22 that I can screw up and not worry about.

    Thanks in advance!!!


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  3. As long as you don't drop it or shoot with heavy gloves/wedding rings then they will be fine.

    I've put several thousand rounds through my 19 RTF2 and none of the pyramids have been affected.

  4. I carry an rft2 g22 concealed everyday. I don't think polymer wears down.

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  5. They should hold up pretty well. Good luck in your collection. You probably won't find another RTF2 W/ gills for that price. You scored there.
  6. Hey thanks to you and everyone that replied. I realized it was a steal I have been in the market for a G23 since October and never pulled the trigger on one. I was at Cabelas in Hoffman Estates, IL cruising their gun library and saw it for $400. My friend works there and told me that a guy came in with like 7 guns and they just quickly priced them for a turn around sale. RTF2 guns around here are calling for $100 over standard Gen 3 prices. I knew what I was looking for, didn't find it, and found something better instead. I also found a G37 in FDE in that same library 2 weeks later. It is now my .22LR converison frame and at the same time GAP 45 is cheaper to shoot (right now) compared to 45 ACP when bought online.

    In other news, I did notice that some of the pyramids in on the rear backstrap have worn slightly but I am not worried at all. Out of 1-10 I give this gun a 8.5 all day long. What a pleasure to shoot and what a pleasure it is to talk to some Glockheads about it!

  7. D1N0

    Erik, how long ago did you see the RTF2's at that cabelas?
  8. 2 months ago.

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