Romney won the debate - but

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by G19G20, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Oh but you miss details deliberately. The "gun Banning" myth has been debunked and, at best, all you can do is spin it to Romney still being better than Obama.

    Romney made a very good point, and he has never waivered from it from the beginning, last night. He wants the individual States to work out health care systems to suit the people. (you know, kind of a "State's Rights" position). That is what he approved in Mass. Go back and listen to the debate again, you missed him explaining that.

    It makes perfect sense. Being a believer in the free enterprise system, allowing the States to choose their method is entirely sensible. Some States will go with a winning idea, some won't. those that don't can copy from the success. Like the free enterprise system it engenders a competition of sorts to come up with a workable system rather than the Federal Government trying to slap a "one size fits all" solution to 50 States. The odds are against the Fed being successful. If a Federal solution fails EVERYBODY loses.

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  2. Fed Five Oh

    Fed Five Oh NRA Member

    Seems our Super Patriots are in full melt down mode with 0bama losing the first debate.


  3. G19G20

    G19G20 Status Quo 2014

    This changes from election to election but third parties affect both parties. My gf is a registered Dem that voted for O in 2008, but she will be voting Green Party this election. Anecdotal but goes to show that neither candidate is immune from losing votes to third parties, particularly this election, with such high anti-establishment sentiment going around.

    Strange faces and occasional misspeaking? He and his positions should be ignored in favor of the guy with good hair and scripted lines. Though Im pretty sure you are an example of the mindset of the typical voter.
  4. It has? I didn't see you in the thread where I show the exact wording of the MA gun ban and ask for anybody to step up and dispute it's a gun ban.

    Go ahead and debunk it:
  5. Ruble Noon

    Ruble Noon "Cracker"

    You've been fed a bunch of bunk by acujeff.
    Romney said that he wants to install socialized medicine through the states. Romney's idea is big government directed onto the states which is a far cry from states rights under the 10th Amendment. Nice try at spinning it though. He has also said that he would end obamacare, then he has said that he will keep parts of it, never mind all that though, he gave a good speech and you got a tingle up your leg.
  6. G19G20

    G19G20 Status Quo 2014

    Don't you have some dogs to go shoot?
  7. I dunno, he's sure found some SOB's to aim at around here.

  8. 427


    You've been an admitted Paul supporter since at least March when Paul was still in the race.

    From your Romney Needs to loose thread: It's locked so I can't quote it.

    The entire exchange is there all 177 posts.
  9. Yup, he and acujeff can now point to each other's "facts" as backup. :rofl:
    Romney said he will keep "the part" of Obamacare. The mandated pre-existing condition coverage (along with the mandated buy-in). That he can now say in a debate that he'd repeal Obamacare, and anybody would believe him, is laughable.
  10. Jerry

    Staff Member Moderator Millennium Member

    I don't know about dogs, but when we can start shooting liberals I'm in. :tongueout:
  11. G19G20

    G19G20 Status Quo 2014


    Makes me fear for the future of this country just a little more every day.
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  12. That's BS. You can cut and paste. Show me.

    Is it this one?
    Oh yeah, you got me! :rofl: Sounds like the psychotic ramblings of a PaulBot!

    Is that why you refused to quote anything? Because you found the opposite of what you claimed?
  13. Jerry

    Staff Member Moderator Millennium Member

    You should be afraid. If the liberals keep forcing their will on people The People will eventually revolt. If a Conservative doesn't like something he doesn't do it. If a liberal doesn't like something he doesn't want anyone to do it. It's the difference between Freedom and Fascism.
  14. It is time for a countrygun prediction

    I will go out on a very solid limb here and I want those who disagree to PLEASE chime in so we can have your opinions preserved.

    ""Third parties will have one of the 2 lowest turnout percentages,(for third parties) in this election, of the last 40 years."
  15. 427



    Later on in the thread:


    You didn't deny being a Paul supporter then, now you're denying it?
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  16. I'd really be interested in reading some examples.
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  17. Jerry

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    Why? So you can go run and hide like Flintlocker did when I start asking questions and back you into a corner. One of the things that make me laugh at liberals (at them not at what they are trying to accomplish) is they're all for making others do or stop doing but when it comes to them having to do or stop doing it's "hey, I have right's you know". I'm a Constitutionalists. Liberals only recolonize the parts of the Constitution that benefit them at the particular moment they need it to.

    Example? Try Obomacare for one. The list is long.

    Now if you need more of an explanation be prepared to answer some of my question and give me explanations. Be afraid! Be very afraid! :rofl:
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  18. Here's where you're going wrong:
    You saying I'm a Paul supporter doesn't make me a Paul supporter. You linking back to a place where you say I'm a Paul supporter still doesn't make me a Paul supporter.

    In that same thread I said "If I was a Ron Paul supporter, I would've been supporting Ron Paul at the time." Does that sound like a Paul supporter? No, it sounds like somebody denying he's a Paul supporter, so even in your fantasy land where not denying something is the same as admitting something, it wouldn't apply.

    That thread is full of rabid people attack Paul supporters. Ron Paul wasn't even brought into that thread by a Paul supporter, but instead by somebody trying to lump everybody who doesn't vote for Romney together as Paul supporters:

    You guys have serious PaulBot-phobia. Not everything is about Ron Paul, and you guys make everything about Ron Paul far more than so-called "PaulBots' do.
  19. :dunno:
    Hmm. Seems like an awfully presumptive, defensive, and sharp response to what was a simple question. I'm sorry you seem to have an issue with another member. I don't recall having any interaction with you in the past. So ... bit surprised.

    ... and I'll try not to "run and hide", but I do have a job and require sleep, so no promises I will respond on your schedule :tongueout: (or that I won't get bored and go elsewhere).

    So ... I'd be happy to answer questions. I haven't read one from you yet though (beyond "Why?"). Ask away. Otherwise ... I hope YOU don't "run and hide" from the question I posed to you already. Here it is again:

    I'd really be interested in reading some examples.

    PS - Trust me .. I'm not going to be "afraid". I enjoy it ... it is nice entertainment and stimulating to lounge w/ my laptop on the couch interacting and reading while watching the boobtube.
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  20. juggy4711

    juggy4711 Nimrod Son

    For all those so impressed or pleased by Romney's performance I would reference a bit of Chris Rock. Warning, foul language and NSFW.


    That was Romney in a nut shell tonight. Granted he put the whoop on Obama, but again how hard was to do given the circumstances.
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