Romney will sign an assault weapons ban.

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by frank4570, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Ruble Noon

    Ruble Noon "Cracker"

    People said that romney was the better choice because he promised to end obamacare on day one also. As soon as he got the nomination he started walking that back.

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  2. So, you think Obama will end it ,right?



  3. Ruble Noon

    Ruble Noon "Cracker"

    I don't know where you came up with that. I have been consistent with my assertion that obamacare is here to stay.
  4. Romney's pro-2A record is well documented, and has been proven in the dozens of threads you have high-jacked on GT.

    Have you actually ever read Romney's record or the laws and bills he was involved? I've posted them before and you have never provided an actual documented fact of anything Romney has done that substantiates your false claims he is anti-2A.

    Just like Obama and the Democrats, you must figure if you keep saying the same lie over and over someone might believe you. But all you have done is ruin your credibility.
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  5. Rooster Rugburn

    Rooster Rugburn Got Pignose?

    no he won't.

    ETA: if you go back 4 years, you'll see I told the McCainovics that the first thing Obama, Pelosi, and Reid would do, was NOT a gun ban. They called me about every name in the book, but I was right. I said then Obama will in a second term, but not a first.

    I don't think Romney will in a second term.
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  6. Write in Sarah Palin for President and Chuck[Walker Texas Ranger] Norris for Vice President if you have a blank lines on your ballot in 3 weeks. That will make both parties look like you know what. I have said this time before,if you do not like who is running for President,write these two in.
  7. How is calling to split the vote to ensure Obama gets a 2nd term and let Obama send the USA to hell to teach Republicans a lesson good for gun owners?
  8. Ruble Noon

    Ruble Noon "Cracker"

    You're probably right, that doesn't make him the stalwart 2nd amendment supporter that some make him out to be however. I also can't find it in me to trust someone that has been on every side of that issue.

    This isn't very inspiring either.
  9. Cavalry Doc

    Cavalry Doc MAJ (USA Ret.)

    Romney is far from perfect, very far.

    Barry is not an inch away from dismal.

    Do what you want, but don't ***** when it happens.
  10. Have you guys read the links Acujeff posted? Do you refuse to accept them? The NRA exists to protect the 2nd Amend. Do you think they are lying? Fooled? Confused? Have you not seen how the trolls come on GlockTalk and try to muddy the waters so you doubt yourself. One candidate wants more gun control. One does not. Simple as that.
  11. Makes you wonder if they are ignorant or are trying to scare people away from Romney to help Obama doesn't it?
  12. concretefuzzynuts

    concretefuzzynuts Brew Crew

    He is consistently right (correct) and consistently ignored by the trolls and non-trolls. IMHO.
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  13. Ruble Noon

    Ruble Noon "Cracker"

    Yeah, the NRA is so thrilled with Romney and his record they waited until this month to begrudgingly endorse him.

    As far as Acujeff, his propaganda has been handily debunked.
  14. Put it in perspective.

    They can't push Obama's great economic plan as being superior to Romney's

    They can't say Obama is doing a terrific job at foriegn policy

    They know that most people cannot be swayed with an argument for the benefits of Obama care.

    They know no one is in favor of increasing the defict like Obama has.

    BUT, this is a "gun Based" forum. "Gun owners are single minded about that issue, now we can't convince them that Obama is good for gun owners (we tried earlier but his history and the facts got in the way), but if we can convince them that Romney is WORSE.......So we are going to ignore the facts and keep hammering on his signing a bill and ignore the facts surrounding it. We will just keep repeating "He signed a bill, he signed a bill..." over and over."
  15. concretefuzzynuts

    concretefuzzynuts Brew Crew

    Who is the quote from?
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  16. The book of Countrygun, ppg 243
  17. concretefuzzynuts

    concretefuzzynuts Brew Crew

    Oh. I thought it was from pg. 223.
  18. That was the Readers Digest Edition.

  19. The same statement the Obama supporters keep replaying would be a concern if Romney actually banned guns, signed anti-2A bills into law, increased gun control or just even left the same amount of gun control in effect while Gov of MA. It was certainly politically expedient for Romney to be anti-2A but all his actions, bills and laws show the opposite. He only reduced gun control, removed anti-2A language from bills and signed pro-2A laws.

    So Romney has already been politically tested on the RKBA against a congress that was 85% anti-2A and his record is all pro-2A which very encouraging for gun owners.

    As President, we would expect him to do the same. How do we know? From his record.

    In the same way, Obama makes pro-2A statements but all his actions are abusively anti-2A, some criminally so. How do we know he'll continue abusing his authority with anti-2A executive orders and regulations? From his record.

    In addition, Obama will appoint more anti-2A Justices to the Supreme Court in his 2nd term. Only one more Justice makes an anti-2A majority for the next 30-40 years. That means we won't see another pro-2A decision in our lifetime and previous ones can be dismantled or overturned.

    If Ruble Noon was really concerned about gun owners he would be supporting Romney in defeating Obama, who is the real threat to the RKBA.
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  20. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    Strange, the politicians have forum members referring to sporting arms as "assault weapons"

    WISE UP FOLKS!!!! They are talking about a sporting arms ban, not a select-fire arms ban!
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