Romney lies about pre-existing conditions in debate

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Flintlocker, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. I doubt you could explain anything in a way that would help anybody.

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    Well Heavens to Bettsy's, look who showed back up with her little talking points.

    Did you have a nervous breakdown after the debate Wednesday night?

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    Fishing season is runnin late this year.'08.
  4. Letting states decide is the right choice.

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    More emotional Leftist :rollingeyes:(newest talking Points)

    lemming horse Sh!%@ta.... :yawn:
  6. Flintlock is my favorite leftist author.

    Just like reading good Fantasy. All you need is the suspension of disbelief to really enjoy it.

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    Ya.... he is one of my Favorites also... When the dust settles... he will be fine.:supergrin:
  8. It may very well be but Romney didn't say that. He said his health care plan covers pre-existing conditions in attempt to deceive people. And it looks like he's succeeded.
  9. More facts that dishonest clowns ignore...
  10. So, did Romney tell the truth or did he lie? Try answering the question.
  11. did you put out a missing reward poster for obozo's balls after that brilliant debate performance?

    you and chris matthews stop crying yet?
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  12. oh nooos! Romney respects the States and doesn't think it's a Monarchy !! He's evil!!!
  13. Your guy flat out lied about the $5 trillion tax cut and did again after Romney explained why it was a lie. Your guy flat out lied about taxes being raised on the middle class, which is based on a bogus study that the authors themselves later publicly refuted.
  14. The only prexhisting condition is the op's expance for stiring up comments.
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    Oh look...another Flintlicker thread.

    Happyguy :)
  16. Did obama lie about Stevens being killed..... how about Hellary... and our UN rep.... did they lie.... AGAIN?

  17. They are not "lying" they are just saying things that aren't true.


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    On a slow night ya gotta feed `em once in awhile....:)

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  19. Hey Flintlocker: Are you a Muslim?
  20. Ah, C'mon you know the Koran says that a Muslim amy lie to an infidel if it serves the cause of Allah. Are you goint to belive an answer?

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