Romney Cheated At Debate

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by W420Hunter, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Yeah, he did. He brought facts, not empty promises.

  2. He also arrived in Denver before Owebama, giving him an unfair advantage of adjusting to the elevation. :rofl:
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    Time to adjust to the elevation! :rofl: How do these people get into power? :dunno:

    Straight from the father of the internet. :faint:
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    I didn't know the cheat sheets weren't allowed, but I did notice what looked like one when I first saw it. Hard to believe he'd try to cheat so overtly, but then we are talking about politicians here.
  5. The biggest example of Mitt's cheating is scheduling all those TV and campaign appearances for Obama, eating into his prep time...

    The man is utterly ruthless...

  6. So now it’s cheating to use your exposure to education for more than cheap dope connections and party scheduling. The Obama is not prepared for life without handlers controlling what comes out of his mouth. We are now seeing the real Obama an empty suit or chair if you like that depends on others for more than the most basic of thoughts. The king is naked and dim witted.
  7. I'm just waiting for bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier to show up and ring the little bell to turn barry into a ferocious tiger.
  8. :agree:
  9. I suppose he should have given the hanky to Obama. With all of the tearing up, looks like he was the one that needed it.
  10. YA........Romney used his brain where as odumbo does not have one to use...must have fell out on the floor at the hospital in kenya....I mean Hawaii!!!:rofl:
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    That's the dumbest excuse rolling around out there. Proven utterly false by his claims the very next day that "Romney is a liar". So much for not wanting to seem confrontational...
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    Romney's debate prep exposed..........

  14. Probably a good idea - its a debate and you don't want to see politicans eating up time fumbling through a stack of note cards.

    Obama lost the debate but it won't matter-I have a $500 bet he wins.

    One of the chapters in my upcoming book: No one is responsible for anything any more. Even O says..."you didn't build that."

    With that logic, is he saying Willard won because he is white?
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  15. Heh...Obama doesn't want to "seem combative." He only wants to act like a sniveling punk after he got the spit kicked out of him in a street fight, and far away from the opponent who did the spit-kicking, say, "Yeah -- he's not so tough! Yeah -- I can take him! Yeah!" [​IMG]

    Honestly -- all of the smack-talking Obama has done after receiving his slobber-knocker just makes him look pathetic.

  16. So what if Romney cheated?
    We need to do whatever's necessary to defeat Obama.

    I'd rather have someone who cheats during a debate in the White House, than have the present re-tard in there.

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