Rode to the Rock Store and up Pacific Coast Highway

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, Mar 14, 2005.

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    This last weekend 12 & 13 March weren't quite as nice of the weather as predicted, but no rain so I had to ride. I went to the Rock Store in Cornell on Saturday just to check it out. For non-Cali people, the Rock Store is the motorcycle mecca for Southern California. There are quite a few hangouts, but the Rock Store is "it". I don't know why that is, but it is what it is. The joint is an eatery/souvenir store. The food is (how do I phrase it positively?) not too good. The grill cheese was good (how can you screw up a grill cheese?) but that's about it. However, the staff is friendly and there was a waitress there who is now my new fantasy lover.;3 She was sweet and gracious with the most genuine smile.

    Motorcycles galore!!!

    Had to come back on Sunday as well.

    Even Jay Leno showed up with one of his hotrods. Very nice guy and down-to-earth. Nobody was haggling him for autographs and posed photos. Just a few surreptitious shots here and there. The guys were ogling his ride more than him! I asked him about his turbine bike and he said that he brought it up to the Rock Store last Sunday. Damn!!! Missed it! :steamed:

    We chatted for probably half a minute about how he is managing the throttle on his 1000-hp twin turbo 1966 Toronado.

    The weather sucked but at least it didn't rain. Drizzled a bit here and there but otherwise, good rides.

    ^c ~2

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  2. fnfalman

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    Jay Leno's ride

  3. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Jay's 1966 Toronado twin-turbo engine. Baaaaaaad.
  4. fnfalman

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    A shot of Sunday's gathering.
  5. fnfalman

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    A representation of the works of Confederate Motorcycles, Louisiana. Now, that's a chopper! West Coast Chopper and OCC don't have nuthin' on these dudes.
  6. fnfalman

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    The old...
  7. fnfalman

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    The young...
  8. fnfalman

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    The lone warrior...
  9. Nice post! That LS1 setup is simply amazing. I didn't remember the intake/BOV's etc looking so nice when they built that car on TV a while back. Too bad the toronado body style doesn't do anything for me. Man, what I'd do to get that powerplant in *MY* C5!
  10. fnfalman

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    Ol' Jay romped on the gas pedal for just a hair and I think that I had an orgasm from the exhaust and the burnout. You can hear the turbo lag though...still a bad mamajama!

    Ducatis galore. This is just a sample pic.
  11. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate

    Wow. Looks like quite the place to see and be seen. Leno is my idol; if I were to ever win the lotto he is probably who I would emulate the most from a motor vehicle standpoint. I remember years ago when he first started getting noticed he was driving a mid-engined blown Renault R5... sweet.
  12. OK. That did it. I gotta get a motorcycle again. Let's see $15k for the BMW. Now, how much for the divorce???

    Great pics. Man that place is crowded. Seems a lot tamer than I remember it. I remember a lot of grumpy biker-types that hated hated hated anything that didn't come from Wisconsin and leak oil.

  13. fnfalman

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    I'd dare say that half of the bikes there were H-Ds. Lots of bikers passed by but didn't stop either. Somebody was out there with a tripodded camera filming something. There was a slightly older woman there (late thirties) with F-me stilletto boots, riding jacket and a massive set of bolt-ons posing for the camera. Didn't know what that was all about.

    The crowd is definitely friendly. A lot of Ducati crotch rockets. A lot of crotch rockets, period. A lot of Harleys, a few Beemers, quite a few sports standards and sports tourings. A smattering of everything. Old Suzukis and old and new Triumphs.

    And Ned, shopped right and you can find a nice R1150R Roadster for around 10K. ;f Of course, don't leave the missus at home and you'll be all right.
  14. fnfalman

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    Here's a pic of Zuma Beach taken off my bike. Around the Malibu area, there are a bunch of these little, isolated beaches. A very nice change from the wide, open beaches of Malibu Beach, Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan, Hunting, et al.
  15. hapuna

    hapuna Trusted Member

    Don't see Zuma Beach anywhere???:)
  16. That place has always been a bit of a freak show. Sounds like the freaks are nicer now. I can remember some nasty comments about my Yamaha RD, which would have scared me if the Harley riders had any chance of catching me. BTW, where's the Zuma picture?

    I really am wanting to get a bike again, but for me it's been a long time. I want something that I can ride for a long distance, but also will handle bad roads. The 1150 seems like the ticket, though since I'm practically a newbe I'd like something more in the 500-600 range. Any ideas?

  17. fnfalman

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    Oops, here's a pic from the bike sitting at the parking lot of Zuma Beach. I guess I should have walked down and took some more photos but the sky was overcasted and it wasn't quite right.

    PS Ned, the BMW F650GS sounds like the ticket for you. It's a half'n half; well, more like 70% road and 30% dirt. It's small and comfy, alas rather costly because of the BMW marque.

    Also, currently there are no deal specials with this model.
  18. Cool Pics !! Reminds me of my younger days.;c
  19. I looked at those at the BMW dealer in Long Beach when I was having some servicing done on my car. Pretty. The right size. But I wonder how a single would do on a long ride.

    first things first. I need to get my license again. I'll probably take the MSF course and then look seriously.
  20. fnfalman

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    I drove one of those 650GS a couple of weeks back as a loaner. I didn't put but maybe 50-miles on it. It's very comfortable with the seating position because you're sitting straight up. The first gear was very short and revved out quickly without any appreciable speed (probably because of the dirtbike traits), but it seemed to cruise at 70-MPH just fine. I even revved it up to do 80-MPH just to feel it out and things started to get rough due to the wind hitting me full on the chest and the front end gets floaty. The vibration goes into your crotch which is kind of interesting. I didn't ride long enough to see if this is going to be problematic for the butt's comfort.

    There is the CS which is tuned more for street and still very comfortable but it won't have any rough terrain capability at all.

    If you see no reasons for the rough terrain feature then the availability opens up even larger with the Japanese 500 & 600 standards. From what I understand the Ducati 620 Monster is quite the comfy ride.

    Here's a pic of a Triumph Speed Triple.

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