Rock Island Armory 10mm Review Part TWO!!

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by SigFTW, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Glad I purchased mine when I did. Cheaper Than Dirt no longer sells firearms.
    Is there any other retailer selling (or not selling) the 10mm besides CTD?

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    Very nice. Like the polished crown alot. :thumbsup:

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    I don't load 10mm, but 7.6 grains of Unique sure seems like an awful lot for a 165 grain bullet. A quick glance at Sierra shows 7.1 grains max, and Lyman 49 shows 7.3 grains. No surprise it's snappy. :wow:

    As much as I love Unique, it's a little fast burning once you get past normal service cartridges like 9mm, .45 auto, .40, et cetera. I would seriously consider a slower powder like Blue Dot, AA#9 or 800X for full power 10mm.
  4. I have confirmed the loading data and also checked for pressure signs, it's fine. However, I will be switching to Blue or AA#9 for mid to hot loads. I used Blue Dot back in the 90s when I bought my first 10mm (S&W1006) and it work great. So there will be more load development with a 180gr bullet and AA or Blue powder. I want a load that will work in both of my 10mm so I don't have to have two different loads.
  5. Just finished some mods to the RIA 10mm.

    Changed out the MSH to an Ed Brown chain-link design. I also included one for my Kimber stainless.

    Modified (dremeled) the feed ramp and mouth of the barrel, just enough to reduce any snagging of any flat nose bullets.

    Installed the 20lb recoil spring.

    Changed out the sear spring to a Wolff.

    Out of pocket upgrades:
    MSH: $46.99
    20lb spring $7.89
    Sear Spring $6.49

    Future mods: new hammer springs, 3 pack with different lbs $8.99, are on the way (along with a digital trigger gauge).



    New MSH
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  6. Finlay made it out to the range yesterday before Super Bowl. Was the perfect weather for outdoor shooting!

    The range session before this one I installed the 18.5 lb spring, and it ran fine but still had one FTF (just required a quick tap to the back and it seated just fine), and was still way too light.

    Yesterday’s session was with the 20 lb spring installed. Not one FTF and the brass was ejecting correctly. Accuracy was fantastic after lowering the trigger weight some, just eat out the bullseye at 7 yards, will try 15 then 20 later.

    Latest mod:
    Cut down the hammer main spring by 2 coils and dropped the hammer pull by almost 1lb, to about 5.5. I will continue with this setup and see if the trigger smoothes out anymore after 1000 rounds.

    The RIA 10mm is running 100% and I am very happy with a $600.00 1911 style 10mm.

  7. Good looking gun.
  8. Thanks, It's still running strong!

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