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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by MudFlap379, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I've been kicking around the idea of picking up a RobArms VEPR, in 7.62x39. It'll come with a scope and 1200 rounds for $700. I'm thinking I'd like to change out the stock to a 6 position collapsible, and a railed forend. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  2. Yeah, you'd be insane not to snatch it up for under $1,000. They are not very common and held in extremely high regaurd. If I didn't want to keep it, I would flip the rifle for $1,200 and keep the ammo. I would keep it though personally.

  3. You should post this on, you well get a ton more feedback.
  4. If you don't buy it...

    tell the seller to drop me a line. I would buy that right this minute given the opportunity.
  5. If you have the cash, you'd be wise to pick it up, unless you don't like VEPR. Or turn someone else on to this deal, because it sure won't last long if the guy wants to sell it.
  6. He offered it up to me about 3 days before the CT shooting. I told him I'd hafta gather up the funds. I talked to him again a few days ago, and he said he'd honor our deal. I fully plan to get it. Gonna trade a 72 Dart with 71,000 original miles for an AR, which I plan to immediately sell to buy the VEPR.

    I don't remember how many mags be said he had for it, but I figure the difference between selling price of the AR and buying of the AK will buy some
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  7. fnfalman

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    Whatever happened to Robinson Arms?
  8. Man...

    that XCR is just damn sexy now aint it?
  9. Well, I got the ole girl picked up, and maaaaaan is she sexy! It's the 20" barrel... I actually would've preferred the 16". I expected a cheap China made POS scope, but it's got one of those nice Russian scopes. Also, I got a nice Russian Kobra red dot. According to that Russian optics web site, it'd cost me $700 just to buy the optics new. The original deal was to include 1200 rounds of ammo. When I went to pick it up, he said "I was wrong on the amount of ammo. I know I told ya 1200, but I think it's closer to 1000, but I haven't counted it." Well, I certainly did when I got home. 1387 rounds! No 30 round mags tho... he sold em with the MAK-90. I did get (2) 5 round, (5) 10 round, and (6) 20 round mags, tho. He told me it only had about 100 rounds thru it, and it looks like it's been used very little. Even the scratch on the side of the receiver for the safety isn't as pronounced as it should be.

    Best $700 I ever spent!
  10. nice find!!

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  11. Pics! We need them!
  12. With all that ammo, optics and mags I'd say you stole that bad boy. I have one in 5.56. Great AK variants.
  13. I'd love to post pix, but, sadly I lost every single one of my firearms in a tragic boating accident this morning.....
  14. Lotta that going around these days. Must be an epidemic.

    I own a Robarms 16" VEPR-IIK in 7.62x39 and can tell you that you have one of the best AKs ever. The heavy (1.5mm) RPK receiver is unbelievably solid and accuracy is outstanding.

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  15. It just kills me to say it, but I still haven't even taken it out for a test drive yet!
  16. Awesome find!! And Awesome price!!
    I have a Robinson Arms Vepr that I ordered way back when (mid 90's) I had my small Gun Shop. It is without a doubt the best quality AK that I have ever had my hands on. I am not saying it is the best out there but it's the best in my experience. ( not trying to get other AK owners panties in a wad :whistling:)
    If I had one complaint then it would be that it is heavy compared to other Ak variants. Of course the extra weight in the barrel and receiver helps with accuracy. It will outshoot my Mak 90 and my other cheaper AKs all day long. Quality ammo or handloads help quite a bit too.
  17. I've had someone offer me up another RobArms VEPR in 5.56 for $1000. Said he'd throw in a coupla hundred rounds, and it has a handful of 30 round mags. I'm very seriously considering picking it up, but right now I'm trying to budget all my cash for a Harley..

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