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RM Holsters holster review

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by jpcmt, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. jpcmt

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    May 9, 2011
    Bitterroot Valley - MT
    I waited a good week before posting this to make sure of what I'm saying. I'm also not saying things might change going forward, but I highly doubt it.

    Having used several different IWB and OWB holsters through many different polymer framed guns over the years, I'm happy to say that this is a considerable improvement over what I've used in the past.

    The "Lowrider" holster by Rocketman is outstanding. As you know, it's a single piece of kydex folded and molded with such precision and perfection that you'd think it was part of the gun. I tote my G23 and G27 in it securely. There is no play, no wiggling, no nonsense.

    RM has carefully cut away any and all unneeded kydex from it and properly edged everything so that it's comfortable to mount and dismount from your waistline.

    I'm a rather "portly" gentleman (5'11" 260lbs with a modest dunlap) so I don't do the 4:30 or anything before 3:00. It's right on my side and just a pinch in front of my hip bone..because yes, it would suck to fall or get bumped hard right on the gun which would seriously damage that hip bone.

    The cant of the clip was a little aggressive for me but it's still an outstanding ride. I would imagine the cant is adjustable when crafted if requested. The clip design with the two "fangs" are a superb design meant to straddle your belt loop to keep it more firmly in place.

    It is thin. I honestly can't imagine a thinner fit in a holster. It is lightweight. I can't imagine something lighter.

    Reholstering is an ease and I'm not worried about some flimsy opening that might have an edge snag the trigger and shoot my leg. One handed, no problem.

    I also got the mag holster. Outstanding, perfect fit, adjustability is there but because the clip doesn't hook around the belt I had to loosen the screw some so when I pull a mag out the whole holster doesn't come with it. I'd have preferred a similar clip on the mag holster as has the gun holster has. Not sure why it was extended and meant to wrap around the bottom of the holster.

    Highly recommend this comfortable and smartly designed holster. I doubt you could do better than this, especially at $55 (or whatever the increase will be in July).

    CONS: very slippery; the surface that is against my underwear/undershirt is not pourous enough to grip my close and stay when out and about walking, it creeps down if my belt isn't super tight around it. sorry, can't think of another con.
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  2. guitarded_1

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    Jan 18, 2011
    I have the Extreme Cant Paddle model from RM, and out of the many holsters I have tried, it is by FAR my favorite. Slips on/off with ease and rides high, tight, and secure. I seriously can't find a better holster for OWB carry. Glad that your IWB model has worked out for you.

  3. JBP55

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    Mar 4, 2007
    I wear a RM holster every day. Good products at a reasonable price.
  4. russelldehart

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    El Tamalon

    Jul 7, 2002
    The Edge of Sanity
    Had the Extreem Cant model for my Sig 220 and loved it almost as much as the pistol.