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  1. My wife uses a Ruger 10/22 for her HD gun. She has CCI Mini-mags for her round of choice. I am the primary HD weapon. I come armed with a G21sf, Remmy 870 tactical, and a G34 backup. I also come equipped with a lifetime of martial arts training. Something that my wife also comes with.

    I have seen what little 22lr rounds can do to someone. They can take down some crazy animals down and I am sure they would work OK for HD, but they are only used in our house as a backup. 50 rounds of lr ammo can still make a BG have a super bad day.

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  2. wjv


    If I had to use a rimfire, it would be this one: (Winchester 9422M - .22 Magnum)


    Though now days it has a peep sight instead of a buckhorn.


  3. I need to invest in a chronograph, thats for sure. :cool:
  4. I want one of those. at the very least I could have some fun scaring the crap out of the BG.:supergrin:
  5. From the way those photos are juxtaposed, it looks like the guy's wearing a head-mounted Gatling gun...Sort of reminds me of the shoulder-mounted blaster in Predator...

    My mind's working kind of strange today... ;)




  7. A .22 is better than nothing but shot placement really needs to be there for immediate incapacitation and more so than for a larger caliber. A .22 can cause what will eventually be a mortal wound. But the primary reason why one would shoot at someone in self defense and be justified (with LE and local prosecutor) is because the BG is armed with a deadly weapon. The goal is to incapacitate the BG ASAP before a weapon can be employed against you.

    I was contemplating an inexpensive .22 revolver for introducing shooting to my wife. Has anyone had bad experiences with a Taurus 94?
  8. I thought this thread was dead. O and the taurus 94 that I shot wasn't very accurate or pretty, but it was functional. I would get a s&w 22a (I did) or a ruger mark 2, the less expensive .22 revolvers aren't very accurate.
  9. anyone use a .17 hmr handgun? i think 17 hmr will do more damage than a .22 lr
  10. I've never used one but I always wanted one. Theyre awesome, but the bullet is half the weight so idk how it does on people compared to a .22. :dunno:

  11. with this, you can take out 100's of BGs in seconds..minutes..

  12. half the weight.. yes, but you should try shooting both and compare the damage.

    I have a 22LR rifle and 17 hmr rifle. All using hallow points and the 17 HMR does a lot more damage. I remember shooting a fox squirrel in the torso and took it in half... :rofl: The 22LR is a lot weaker compared to the 17 hmr. check out the videos on youtube.com. You will see the 17 hmr tearing up small games like nothing.. it's actually an overkill for small games. I can easily take out foxes and coyotes with it too. Shoot a deer in the head and it will be a goner...

    Some people argued with me that a 17hmr cannot kill a person effectively... Sure, maybe not, but i'm pretty positive a shot to the head will do it...:embarassed: the 17 hmr rifle is scary accurate..if it fails, i have my glock 27 and 12 guage 00 buck shot..

    17 hmr = 2300+ FPS
    22 LR = 1000-1200 FPS, i believe..
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  13. :wavey:
    i know the facts on it, just don't know about the people. My savage 93r-17 is my favorite rifle (after my AK) and I have shot SEVERAL coyotes and quite a few squirells, and a couple possums with it, and steel plating too. I believe the standard load is 2550 fps from hornady too btw. I just don't know how well it'd do thru clothing and in a person. It just about shot thru plating tho! I love that cartridge. Its too much for shooting squirrels tho if you dn't hit them in the head. It blows their legs off sometimes, and leaves the bottm half of their body hanging by a thread. I like the hollowpoints even better tho, I gotta find my pics of the damage it does to coyotes, because I always hit them in the neck. I'm sure it would kill a person, just don't know its effectiveness on people compared to a .22. Most criminals and thugs don't know what a .17 is:supergrin:
  14. My .17 only gun I use coyote hunting (my passion) even if some think its too small for it. I get laughed at by other coyote hunters when I tell them I only use a .17. They should try it themselves tho, even if they don't drop, they'l drop very soon if you make a good shot. It's just getting too dang high to shoot!
  15. Porkchop

    Porkchop Avtomat 1947

    totally agree.a head shot or a shot through the neck would no doubt end a humans life.I know i wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of a 17hmr
  16. You'll never make the Grendel P-30 reliable, but there are a number of decent .22WMR revolvers out there, including an 8-shooter from Taurus.
  17. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member

    I've talked to several Grendel owners who say the gun is 100% reliable, but very ammo-specific, i.e. it only likes one load from one mfr.

    I think they should bring back the concept, keep the magazine size, but in .22LR, and tuned for bulk ammo.
  18. I've never owned a Grendel, but I own an AMT Automag II and it is definitely very, very ammo-specific (Winchester Super-X .22 Magnum) and having had years of experience with it, I take any claims of 100% reliability from P-30 owners with a grain of salt. The dimensions of the cartridge are just really poor for an autoloading handgun. And Grendel made notoriously shabby product. If you check around forums, the P-30 is widely regarded as a jammomatic.

    But, an 8-round wheelgun is gonna be reliable. You want reliable in a .22WMR handgun, that's what you need to be going with. You want high-capacity, get rid of that sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock ;)

    BTW, I also had a Magnum Research Mountain Eagle .22LR pistol which was in fact very similar to the P-30 but took high-cap (20-round) .22LR magazines. It was actually pretty darn reliable, and used a constant-tension leaf spring, but it had all-plastic magazines and when it was killed as a product by the Clinton-era gun bans, the magazines became impossilbe to find. I dumped mine after the first time I had one of my magazine's plastic feed lips break. The same gun with a metal-sleaved magazine (and a couple other key parts done in metal that were regrettably plastic) would have been pretty sweet.
  19. :wavey: As James Bond would say...."I always shoot them in the right eye and I never miss". :wow: :fred:OVERTHEHILLGUY:fred:

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