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Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by James Markov, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. For a new female shooter, I really like the idea of a 5-shot revolver. That way, if she can't stop her attacker right away, she can get all five shots off before the attacker gets to her, and the attacker is less likely to be able to use the gun against her.

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  2. All great points you have Made and dont get me wrong cuz 10/22 is one of my favs but for home defense, especially in the middle of night, I trust my $200.00 Mossberg 12ga with rem 00buck it just seems like more of a safe bet to me. To each their own :)

  3. I don't, but, I think a 4-6" .22WMR with 40-50gr.HP would probably do the job. Maybe a Grendel P30 if it could be made reliable.

    Even with CCI Stingers or Velocitors, I believe the .22LR isn't quite up to the task.

    just my .02

  4. I'd much rather use a .22 l.r. stinger or comparable round than a .22 Magnum out of a handgun. You'll have plenty of flash and not the performance that the .22 Magnum can deliver out of a longer barrel.
  5. Alaskapopo

    Alaskapopo NRA ENDOWMENT

    You need a real gun in 9mm/38 special or larger. Sorry but all 10 shots of a 22 will do is piss them off unless you hit them in the eye. It could very well kill them but I doubt it would stop them with anything less than a perfect shot to the CNS.
  6. 10 shots of .22 would do a great deal more than just "pissing them off". A .22 WOULD NOT BE MY CHOICE FOR SELF-DEFENSE. However, if someone broke into my house, and all I had was a 10/22, I'd lay it on the BG - and I would take him down.

    If you want to get an idea, shoot a .22 into a wet phone book. With proper shot placement - 10 shots of .22 will easily do the job - that is, if you can get 10 shots off in time.

    LOOGIE - It is fine if you "don't want to kill someone", that's your choice. Keep shooting your .22 at targets, lock it up afterwords, and never pull a gun on anyone. Don't shoot to scare, shoot to STOP - or just don't even draw. In such an event your time is EXTREMELY limited, and the bastardo isn't interested in having diplomatic relations with you. If you just wound the guy, he's liable to beat you to a pulp, take your Neos, and use it against you. Or, you may pull a .45 on you. Do you really want to compete against that with your .22 wounding shots?

    An intruder in my home who poses a threat will face an SKS backed up by my G19.
  7. My problem is definitely not the lack of centerfire guns but I would not feel too uncomfortable with a .22 l.r. for home defense.

    If somebody thinks a .22 is not good enough, it's his opinion. It's just that, another opinion. Mine is different. My whole security set up might be different, too. So might my military training and life experience be. Two civil wars in the Third World among it.

    Not better necessarily, but different.
  8. Alaskapopo

    Alaskapopo NRA ENDOWMENT

    I have seen enough shootings with the .22lr to know its not something I would trust my life too. Minimum calibers for self defense are 9x19 and the 38 special. You could say thats just my opinion but its one shared with most firearms instructors.

    Now would I use a 22 lr if that was the only pistol available to me sure. But its a very poor choice.
  9. .22s also come in rifles and those are cheaper and easier to shoot than a handgun even.

    Shot placement with a .22 rifle is easier than with any handgun. My wife called an ambulance for two guys that got shot with about 20 rounds of what appeared to be 9mm FMJ. The two men sadly died before the ambulance arrived. They were showing my wife their wounds and one slid down when the adrenalin level lowered.

    Caliber is just one part of the equation.

  10. Wife's choice is a Model 48 in .22 maggie. She is very, very, good with it.
  11. :upeyes:

    From the "Big Book of Tired, Worn Out Gun Cliches."

    If you got something better, use it.

    If all you've got is a 22, use it.
  12. CajunBass,

    Took the liberty of editing that for you. :thumbsup:
  13. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    Remington Yellow Jackets.

  14. No objection to that VaFish, but in some cases that's not even the question. My wife for example has access to, and shoots quite well with any of three 9mm's and our Makarov, but she still likes her Bersa Firestorm 22 for her carry gun. She has confidence in the gun, and can shoot the lights out with it. She's put several thousand rounds through it, and knows it is 100% with CCI stingers.

    For a while she carried the Mak, but didn't like the weight, so she went back to the Bersa. I'm hoping to persuade her to get a 380 Firestorm, but that's going to be her decision. I'd much rather her have a 22 she's familiar with, and knows how to use, and will carry, than something she really doesn't like, and will leave at home because "it's too heavy." (I can relate to that. I carry the Mak most of the time because the XD-9 is "too heavy.")

    By the way. Someone else mentioned a 22 to introduce their wife/GF/someone to shooting. The Bersa Firestorm is a great choice IMHO if you can find one. The one she's got is the only one I've ever seen.

    No, a 22 isn't ideal, but it's a good starting place. So how about we edit my statement to,

    If a 22 is all you got, use it, until you can afford, and are comfortable with, something better.
  15. I carry a Firestorm FS-22 on hikes or out in the yard. It is light and handy. The house gun is a M1 carbine....
  16. Sierra

    Millennium Member

    Of course the 0.22 is better than nothing but the lawsuit that would surely follow would be devastating, financially, even if it was justified.
  17. Lawsuit? Florida has the Castle law but I do not see how the use of a .22 in a justified self defense case can be interpreted as particularly vicious. Can you please explain this?
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  18. Sierra

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    The average cost of defending yourself in a wrongful death lawsuit is currently estimated to be over $30K even if you prevail. I don't think using a 0.22 would be considered vicious but the cost of defending yourself would be very costly. Damages could also be immense. Similarly any civil lawsuit involving injury would also be costly. The vast majority of people shot survive. Therefore associated medical costs would also have to be considered in the lawsuit.

    The case for using a larger caliber may be more persuasive when considering home defense.
  19. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member


    Are you a defense attorney?

    Are you aware this is a PRO GUN web site?

    Do you work for the Brady's?

    You obviously have no interest in anyone legaly defending themselves, family and property.

    When it comes to all of the above, only 1 story will be told when the police arrive. Mine.

  20. Sierra

    Millennium Member

    Dude - I'm not a lawyer but I think the bigger the hole in the bad guy, the less chance of a difference of opinion when the cops arrive.

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