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Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by James Markov, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Great thread. 3 years old and still going!!


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    I have the Pug with the night sights. It IS great. :supergrin:

    Tho the story that made me want to get mine was different.

    On another board, a guy who had horses was talking about coming up on one of his horses who had fallen in a ditch and broke its leg REALLY badly. As the horse was very old, he decided to put it out of its misery, but forgot to bring his main carry gun which was miles back home. The only gun he had on him was his NAA Pug. So he aimed carefully, and one shot dropped that horse dead in its tracks.

    So I figured that if a .22 mag could take out a horse, it would be good enough for me.

  3. GSSF17

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    Exactly. As far as "upping your chances" goes, combined with how comfortable my wife is with this piece, the Taurus 94 in .22 lr was the pick. All things considered, I would rather her have 9 rounds of CCI Velocitor than 5 rounds of 38 spl..........
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    Wonder why?????
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    ugh! I just cant bring myself to read this thread all over again.
  6. I am surprized how welcome 22lr is here at GT for self defense. This topic was brought up several times over at rimfirecentral and it always ends desasterous!

    The guys who are ok with 22lr for self defense get cut down and treated like gun toting idiots for even mentioning 22lr for self defense.

    I personally am ok with velocitors or stingers in a 22 revolver for rock solid reliability and I know velocitors punch a pretty deep and nasty hole in flesh. I dont think I'd use a semi auto 22lr for self defense though.
  7. IDK, if this thing is reliable and accurate, I can see it being decent for home defense.

  8. lanternlad

    lanternlad Mythmatician

    A .22 mag out of a barrel that length averages about 1600 fps depending on ammo used. (think poly tip v-max that average 2200fps out of a 20" .22 mag barrel) This equates to a CCI Stinger in 22lr out of a 20" barrel. Times that by 30 and you have one bad-ass sidearm. For those naysayers out there that's approx 6000ft lbs of energy (200 ft lbs x 30) going into your attacker with plenty of penetration and virtually no recoil or muzzle flip allowing for faster target re-acquisition.

    You can't tell me that you wouldn't carry that for SD. You wouldn't even need to carry reloads.
  9. GSSF17

    GSSF17 ...2 of 'em

    Yeah, I have gotten some crap for it- but when I said "all things considered" in 9 .22 lr in favor of 5 .38 spl, I meant that my wife shoots it VERY well, and most importantly, is confident in her weapon and her ability to use it. By the 5th round of .38 from her snubbie revovler, it hurt her hand. That is something that I could never get her past.

    I would rather her carry the .22 lr than nothing. :whistling:
  10. Bilbo Bagins

    Bilbo Bagins Slacked jawed

    Part of the store mention that he took cover behind a tree. He could have dug his gun hand into the ground and got an obstruction or maybe the cylinder retaining pin came loose.

    That is another reason why I like the pug over the regular NNA mini. The Pug is a little more beefy and has a better retaining pin latch.
  11. Bilbo Bagins

    Bilbo Bagins Slacked jawed

    That is what so many gun guys fail to realize. If your wife is a good shot with a .22, and likes it go for it. Its better then having her use a .38 that makes her flinch and miss.
  12. I'm confused here is the Keltec .22 magnum in production?
  13. GlockPride

    GlockPride Glock 23

    I believe soon to be released. So, yes, it's more than likley in production
  14. I bought a Ruger Mark II about six months ago. I love it but finding decent varmit ammo until yesterday was impossible, when I discovered a local gun shop that carries Velocitor.

    I have good semi-automatic pistols for self defense but my wife is horrified of guns. My daughter has shot them but she's still relatively young and has taken quite well to the .22lr. I'm thinking that perhaps this summer I might be able to get the missus to try the Ruger. If so, leaving her with the .22lr loaded with Velocitors when I have to occasionally be away is surely better than leaving her timid and afraid while being completely defenseless.

    Are Velocitors as good as I've read, and are they reliable in semi-autos like the Mark II? I've read some comments that they're only designed for rifles.
  15. Reading this thread, I guess the best ammo for defence is the Velocitors. I thought there was is another hi-vel solid from another mfgr that would also be good. My wife carries a 6-shot snub revolver on her inner thigh, because she mostly wears dresses and a hip or IWB is out. I want her to have the hardest hitting and deepest penetrating round (easy guys!!). Can't chance a jam with an auto, so an aluminum framed revolver was our choice.
  16. Bilbo Bagins

    Bilbo Bagins Slacked jawed

    Wait, so your wife wears a revolver on her inner thigh like a woman would wear a derringer in the cowboy days. No offense and with all due respect to your wife, but that is hot :supergrin:

    Wear did you find the holster, or was it custom made?
  17. When she wears tight skirts (not too often), she sports a Galco ThighBand, but it just wraps around her thigh and can be quite tight uncomfortable. Most of the time when she wears regular skirts and skorts, she uses a Kemmer, which has a waist strap/lanyard (garter belt style) that suspends the holster and she doesn't have to make the holster band as tight. She like it alot because there is suede throughout and very soft.
    No one has ever detected her revolver.
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  18. I agree with Bilbo -- no offense to either you or your wife, but that's just hot... :cool:

  19. gunreviewonmyspace

    gunreviewonmyspace havegunwillgo

    The whole idea is shutting down their body, so they can no longer harm you. The technique is to perforate their vital organs, or break their bones with fast moving projectiles. The larger the projectile the better, but if all you have/can use is a .22, then do it. I would not feel to inadequate with a ruger 10/22 loaded with CCI stingers in my home. But, I will still prefer my AR15.

    As a note, do not take head shots with .22lr pistols as the skull is often not penetrated due to the slower velocity of a short barrel. Stick with pelvis and torso hits.:cool:
  20. She knows to aim at larger softer areas like the torso. She is also trained not to shoot at the head because it is a smaller target and at a stressful moment, a smaller target is harder to hit. She also knows the skull is harder bone and can't rely in a throat or eye hit. Her main area of targeting is gut-to-rib.

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