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  1. The only handgun I see in my hand with .22 Rimfire in it, the S&W 63, the curse of .22 LR, it can misfire, with the Revolver, press the trigger again!

    I remember well the test from a .22LR scoped rifle, 250 yds, right through a Turkey, and the frozen bag of guts in side of it! Translate that to 5 yds, and 3 in the sternum!

    The only reason to point a gun at an attacker? To kill them! That is the only reason you can shoot some one, they are going to kill you! Or some other innocent person. You believe this is so, as a reasonable person, you shoot them, a lot! Many years ago I was stabbed on two separate occasions, in defending myself, and prevailed, (just with hands and feet) now I carry, but do not even frequent the type of Clubs I worked in then.

    If you are real close, the face is your bulls eye.

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  2. Year ago in Cape Coral, FL a womans home was broken. The intruder was much larger than her and he beat her pretty good. Eventually she as able to get to her .25 auto. [remember the best gun is the one you have]

    She emptied the gun into him. He advanced on her struggling until he fell on top of her. She was pinned under his weight and had suffered a beating so it took a while to get out from under his body. He died on top of her.

    .25 not the best choice, but it was what she had and it did the job.

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  3. Hope the shower worked.
  4. She crawled to the phone, not the shower. I am guessing she was cleaned and showered at the hospital. This is a true story.

    A real woman brutally attacked. Defended herself the best she could and took a life. She won, but almost 20 yrs later, I bet she is still not the same as before that night.

    I have no way of knowing, but I also bet she got a larger caliber pistol after this incident. But keeping with the OP, the .25 did what it was supposed to do. I am glad she had it.
  5. Calibre is not the problem, placement is, and putting bullets into a well built mans torso, he died, but it took a while. If no vital organs were hit, he still would not have died in a hurry. No matter what he had been shot with.
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    I seen the aftermath of an old lady armed with a .25 vs two robbers. Bad guys knocked at the door and pushed the old lady in the house. Both were armed with knives. The lady reached for her pistol that she kept in a drawer when the guys demanded money. When we got there, one guy was dead on the floor, one bullet hole between the left nipple and the sternum and one square in the forehead. The other guy took two in the chest, but he gave up and sat down on a chair. The guy on the floor was dumb enough to charge the old lady and I'm certain he died pretty quick.

    The guy on the chair dropped his knife and surrendered as soon as he was hit. The lady actually gave the guy a rag for his wound, a glass of water, an ashtray and cigarette to smoke. I always found that part odd. Here are two Bad guys about ready to kill Grandma for money and she went into bad ass gun slinger mode, then when the dust settle, she went back to nice grandma mode.
  7. A .22 LR would not be my first choice as a personal defense weapon, but I can think of a lot of worst things - like no pistol at all! At close range they can kill you just as dead as a cannon.
  8. rjp59

    Not my primary, but when it's all i have, I sleep well with my 5.25" buckmark loaded with 40gr Velocitors.
  9. GSSF17

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    Yep! :winkie:

    My wife's primary personal defense pistol is a Taurus 94 in .22 lr. Nine shots of 22 stinger will get yer attention.

    The HD weapon for her is the 20 ga.
  10. You can kill a person with a ball point pen if you place it right. But with a 45 placement is not an issue. I prefer to the old adage why you carry a 45... because they don't make a 46.

  11. I would question that bolded portion.

  12. Quote:
    Originally Posted by raw6464
    You can kill a person with a ball point pen if you place it right. But with a 45 placement is not an issue. I prefer to the old adage why you carry a 45... because they don't make a 46.

    I would question that bolded portion.



    Placement is always an issue. A very large (plus 300lbs) Gent, was shot three times center mass, with a 1911, New York City, what with the blood and all, they just stuck him in a body bag.

    When he sat up with a huge groan in an intersection, the two ambulance staff fled! He recovered.
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    And this thread is now over 3 years old. :wavey:
  14. GSSF17

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    ................and for good reason. :bump:
  15. captdreifus

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    I just bought a 10/22. I have only 20 (ammo shortage) .22lr rounds. So no, I would not even consider using it as home defense. As others stated..if its the only thing I have..
  16. This thread does not attract the type of rhetoric that brings out the door slamming of some threads (by mediators) as such, roll on.
  17. Wow,

    this thread is still alive - and I still believe in my old post. I enjoy rimfires and have several that are reliable, I can fire them fast and accurately.

    It would not be my very first choice but I would feel fine for most situations.
  18. Happy New Year, all!

    This thread has gone on longer than most.

    So has the .22LR cartridge -I believe it started in the nineteenth century when they were still using black powder. To this day, more .22LR cartridges get sold than any other. Evidently it fills some need (likely mainly affordable target shooting, but is capable of being pressed into service for self-defense or HD, if necessary).
  19. About a .22 miss fire!

    As I have always been kind of rotten, some things I have done, have been not nice!

    One of the shooters in my gun club, (in Toronto) was Armenian, had a very big nose (I have been known to comment about that fact, I said I was not nice) so one day he got very serious, "Mike, please do not make jokes about my nose anymore, it really bothers me" I gave him my promise to not do so!

    In shooting a .22 rapid fire string in a match, up goes his hand, miss fire, alibi is called, as RO I go over to check out the reason, a great big dent in the rim, a definite allowed alibi! I threw the round down "Not allowed" He followed me back to the timer, "Mike look at this hit?" "Eddy, when your nose gets stuck in the breach, it is not allowed!"

    That was the last joke, I promise.

  20. I have often heard it said that through longevity, sales, development, and research, the .22LR is the most highly evolved cartridge in the world. This is not to say that it is ideal for every application -- but if any cartridge can be deemed to have been "perfected" within its limitations, it's the ol' .22LR. :cool:


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