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Discussion in 'GunPics' started by DJ Niner, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. bluejdixon

    bluejdixon Ammo Hoarder

    Quite often I hear this. Is it the design of the P22?

    I knew early on in the release, many were choking on varieties of ammunition.
    Through the grapevine, I have heard many who have had issues with their
    slides cracking, due to them being made with zinc. Any truth to this, Bac?

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  2. Mine is picky about ammo and just feels cheaply made.

    With the right ammo, its a fun plinker.

  3. My new Beretta Neos.


  4. bluejdixon

    bluejdixon Ammo Hoarder

    Quite futuristic looking, Bac... You shot it yet?
  5. No, but I will be next week.

    I just got it Thursday and haven't been to the range yet. :crying:
  6. slewfoot

    slewfoot Random Mayhem

    This upper is on it's way to mate up with my 22/45 mk II. I dread waiting on the BATFE to approve the paperwork, but this one definitely will get the suppressor treatment.:supergrin:

  7. Took it to the range the other day.

    Its great.
  8. Quack

    Quack Rent this space

  9. Very nice!
  10. Just picked up this Browning Buckmark a couple days ago. :supergrin:


  11. VERY COOL!!!!
    Bring on the Zombies :)
  12. That is cool. :thumbsup:
  13. emt1581

    emt1581 Curious Member

    Do you actually own that?

    I've seen it many times, just never knew anyone that had one.

    Take a look at my avatar for my pic contribution! ;)

    I'm looking for a new .22lr pistol right now and from the Beretta Bobcat to the S&W 22A to the Mosquito to the Neos...I have NO clue what to get. It does seem like the least amount of people b**** about the Neos though. Not sure you can use suppressors with them though.

  14. Started bolting-on various "stuff" to my new-ish S&W M&P-22:


  15. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
    Millennium Member CLM

    Looking good DJ!

    How's it shoot? Does it function well?

    Is the mag as easy to load as it appears to be?
  16. emt1581

    emt1581 Curious Member

    I'm just wondering if the mags feed reliably? All of the mags I've ever used that were significantly more than 10rds had feed issues...even the steel/hot lips BC mags for the 10/22.


  17. I only have one mag so far (I'll get that fixed, soon), but no issues with loading or feeding to date. You can't just dump the ammo in with the follower pressed all the way down, though; you need to feed them in one at a time, with the follower only pushed down far enough to accept the next round. Everything I have stuffed in the mag has fed out if it so far (even 80 rounds of CCI Stingers), and I've only had a few failures to eject (with Federal bulk-pack or AutoMatch) when the weapon was dirty (over 100 rounds fired without cleaning or additional lube). No other stoppages at all.

    Accuracy testing has been delayed by a terrible trigger pull weight/feel, and I do mean BAD. Like dragging a bag of trash up a flight of stairs with your trigger finger. Three distinct stages of creep, two of which you could HEAR grating in a quiet room when dry-squeezing. I've been assured by all other owners that mine is NOT representative of the breed in this aspect, and it's an easy fix once I can afford a drop-in trigger upgrade. In the meantime, I've done a little stoning on the engagement surfaces, and it's much better than it was (but still rather poor, even compared to other over-the-counter ARs). I'd say a plinker-grade trigger is normal, some guns might be a bit better, and mine was definitely worse.

    Short, light, and handy, and the ammo is only $6.50/100 (CCI Mini-Mags). I like it -- a lot.

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