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Rifle recommendations for an Elk hunt...

Discussion in 'High Power Club' started by MCKNBRD, Aug 26, 2010.



    Feb 2, 2005
    Thomasville, NC
    OK, I figure that I'll ask this on a few different forums and take the nuggets of info I get and throw them in the mix with my thoughts on what I'll need...

    I got a sniff of the chance to go on an Elk hunt next year; I'm going to outfit one of my Dr's for his trip, and he said that one of the party is talking about backing out, freeing up a slot for me. First things first, he's looking at getting a .270 for the trip. I think thats a little on the small side, and recommended the .30-06 as the smallest I'd go. Am I accurate in that recommendation? What are ya'lls thoughts on best cartridge for elk under 200yds? Initially, I thought that a .300WSM was the way to go, but the more I've read says that the venerable '06 should be fine, throwing 165gr deep penetrating rounds (partitions or the like) or larger. Of course, if 165gr is enough, what about some stout .308Win loads? I like the shorter action stuff...

    Next, I'm thinking that this will be a great opportunity to build a Mauser-based piece for myself, especially if its going to be an '06. Could I do a Mauser in a short mag? Can the actions stand the extra pressure that those stubby little cartridges produce? If they can, how about feeding those fireplugs from the Mauser magazine? Tons of questions...

    Anyway, heres my plan (based on an '06 chambering)...Large ring Mauser (we've got an Argentine Mauser at work that has been butchered and is an '06, IIRC), 20" Wilson barrel (makes it a little handier, and there isn't alot of oomph lost in the 2", is there?), laminate stock from Boyd's (with a Hogue pillar bedded as an alternative), and a decent aftermarket trigger with side safety. I'll replace the bolt shroud with a commercial piece to clean it up a little, and I've got to figure out an iron sighting system that will work for me. I really like one I've seen that was done on a Rem 700 that looks like an AR rear, but don't know the best way to make that work; need to do a little more research on that one.

    Also, I'm not sure on the optic; do I want a scout system (I have a Savage Scout with a Leupold Scout Scope in .308 and LOVE it), or something more conventional like a low-power Leupold or Trijicon 'dangerous game' type setup? Thoughts?

  2. picketpin


    Jan 25, 2009
    Bozone MT
    3006 is fine, i think the 270 with barnes or other premium bullet would be geat too. I like standard eye relief low power variables fromLeupold , probably old fashoned... The mauser sounds really sweet and nothing is more classic. Keep us up on the progress!
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