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Riding Without Endorsement

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by PBCounty, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    What's the nature of the penalty in your area for riding without a motorcycle endorsement? Is it common in your area for many riders to never seek an endorsement?

    (this assumes the rider still has a valid, standard driver license)

    - Thanks
  2. Dont know the fine/punishment and I dont honestly know of a single person that rides regularly that does not actually have at least a license or permit. They are just too easy to get for people to ride without I guess(at least im my area).

  3. Powder


    Aug 26, 2003
    Tampa, FL
    This area is the capital of new/squid riders. Go to any big bike hangout area on Saturday night and I'd guess that easily 50% don't have their permits.

    I've personally heard of cops arresting them to not letting them ride the bike home themselves.
  4. With the new requirement for a three day long class....I think that trend may continue.
  5. Powder


    Aug 26, 2003
    Tampa, FL

    For sure. I got my temp. permit the day I got my first bike and signed up for the MSF class that week.

    I think the new laws are good but will definitely discourage poeple from jumping through those hoops to get their license.
  6. tehan2

    tehan2 NRA & GOAL

    Mar 14, 2006
    Breaking the law in CT
    here, depending on the cop, they can tow your bike and take you away in cuffs for driving without a license.
  7. thats what Id do if I caught one..and Id try my hardest to make sure he never got the bike back either(cant really do it legally but squids dont need bikes lol)
  8. Yeah, wouldnt want a person to have to "waste" 3 days learning stuff that they need to know to drive a bike and get LEGAL so that when they smash into you or someone else the insurance(that they wont have since they are illegal) would cover something.
  9. We don't need insurance around here (FL) anyway....not required.
  10. So if you cause a accident or somehow kill someone how does that work without insurance? I guess im missing something or dont understand. Insurance is to protect people you may hurt in case you cause a if you dont have any and cause me to be able not to ever work again..well I just dont get that how the hell does that work?

  11. Law just says that I am personally it comes out of my pocket if I nail someone. Of course, my pockets aren't that deep so I wouldn't be able to pay that tab. Luckily, my ride weighs less than 300 pounds and the only things I'll be hitting is pine trees and sugar sand.
  12. Remind me never to move to where you are..thats absolutely horrid that(and im NOT picking on you personally I mean just the idea of this) if you maim someone for life and you dont have a penny they are totally SCREWED for a acident you created and all I can say is how in hell can that be right...hows that make any sense....Here you HAVE to have at least liability(thats all I have) so if you screw someone/something up you(the insurance) at least pays something($500,000 for my insurance) instead of oops sorry for crippling you for life here is $NOTHING...I think to be honest if that was the case i'd spend the rest of my life in jail unfortunately
  13. Lone Wolff

    Lone Wolff Tire World...

    Dec 17, 2002
    Not to hijack thread any further, but that's why I always have unisured/underinsured coverage on my policy. Covers my ass in case I get hit by someone without insurance, or insufficient insurance. Costs less that $8.00 per year.

    Hope I never have to use it, but for the cost, I couldn't imagine not having it in this state. Too many illegal aliens driving around, let alone poor-ass broke people.
  14. Agreed ive got that also but just to think a State would be so irresponsible to think its a good idea to basically say its ok if this guy almost kills you and is pennyless so he is "off the hook" for any responsibility is pretty well crappy. like I said I know at least 1 state I wont be riding in lol....its different when a kid/person is uninsured and riding thats just illegal and it happens..but when its almost endorsed by the state as being "ok" WOW I just cant grasp that logic lol.
  15. spdski

    spdski NRA Life Member CLM

    Sep 6, 2005
    In WA these days, they always impound for riders w/o endorsement. No licensed driver is on the scene... not much choice.

    Also, the ticket is pricey.
  16. Glockmeister40

    Glockmeister40 OAF Newbie

    Dec 30, 2005
    Also one more thing about that new law is that all the classes are full for the next few months. And If a person has allready used up all of his renewal's on the temp. permit if they want to ride they will be illegal.
  17. D25

    D25 The Quick

    Jan 26, 2003
    Impound it + a good sized ticket, if it's an on duty cop. There are other ways that I've seen it dealt with when some squid starts running his mouth. I'm not real fond of picking up the tab for uninsured/ unlicensed people who are predisposed to wad their bike up with less than 500 miles on the ticker.:steamed:
  18. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache Millennium Member

    Apr 5, 1999
    Central Florida
    My son rides on a learners permit the bike is in my name but he owns it, he also has no ins on it which I don't approve of its a 1400 cc big twin I ride it about once a month just for a quick trip to the store but I have an endorsement and 37 years riding experience and yes I've been down once
  19. uzimon

    uzimon team ftp

    Jul 11, 2007
    where i lived in galveston, if you were caught w/o endorsement, the cops made you leave the bike for either a wrecker to come pu, or a licensed rider to come get.
    get caught on it again and its the grey-bar motel.
    they said since there's no mc license, then insurance is invalid (if the rider is insured at all)
    and the ins. co's will sell ins. w/o a license here
  20. Rikki

    Rikki Pathetic Loser

    Apr 10, 2002
    Behind the curtain
    I was hit by a Non-insured operator on a 250cc moped...850$ to the door and front 1/4 panel.
    My uninsured/underinsured coverage kicked in and paid...but I guess Karma took over because later (after sitting for months) in front of a grease ball rooming house somebody threw his broken up scooter off the Flat Rock River bridge.
    I guess General Finance is chasing him now.
    You know what? PL/PD on a 1800cc Honda VTX is 90 bucks a year for me.
    If you don't ride with an endorsement/insurance you deserve everything you got coming.