Rideing the slide on g-19

Discussion in 'GATE Info & Announcements' started by guns54, Nov 27, 2012.

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    A guy at the club was loading his gun by rideing the slide, half the time the slide wont go into full battery. I tryed to tell him,Dont ride the battery and he said i dont know what i was talking about.

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  3. Yes, because "riding the battery" is not a thing. Your gun is either in or out of battery. It's not a noun. It literally makes no sense, which is why he replied the way he did.

    The correct thing would have been to say, "Don't ride the slide when chambering a round." And if he doesn't understand that, then let him continue to be an idiot.

    But I have always thought it is rude to give advice to people who didn't ask for it. And don't butt in on a conversation between a guns shop employee and a customer. It confused the customer and pisses off the guns shop employee.

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  4. I disagree with WW. Proper gun handling skills should be reinforced, if I am doing something incorrectly I want to know. Earlier this year at a range, a guy was working the charge handle after every shot with an AK47 sending perfectly good ammo in my direction, alas it was in a caliber I do not shoot. I got his attention and informed him of the consequences of his actions, he thanked me for the pointer and picked up the ammo he had been ejecting and did not repeat that mistake the rest of the day.

    When I am shooting ARs with my kids I have to remind them, "Pull the T and let her fly!". The OP has the right idea IMO.
  5. Yeah, I really try not to. Unless LGS employee belongs in a GT thread.

    Also, when telling people how to rack the slide, "Grip&rip". Hand over the top of the slide, not holding it like a sling-shot. Pull hard to the rear while pushing the frame forward, and try to rip the slide off the gun.

    Usually people punch themselves in the chest for a while, but the gun always chambers.
  6. Im not sure how long Ive been shooting but to this day I have never heard the expression "riding the slide" What are you talking about???
  7. Riding the slide means pulling the slide back to chamber a round the letting your hand "ride the slide" forward. The proper way is to pull the slide to the rear and then to let go and allow the slide to slam forward with all the force the spring has.
  8. Never imagined. Thanks The slam is that sound I want to hear telling me I'm in battery.

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