Ribs, ribs, ribs!

Discussion in 'Food Forum' started by Revvv, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. It should be a good day. I've got 3 racks of baby backs trimmed, membrane / silverskin removed and sitting in a marinade.

    Sometime around lunch I will sprinkle these amazing sticks of meat candy with my own rub and fire up the smoker. Five to six hours later I shall enjoy little bites of heaven.

    Add in a back deck and a guitar and Saturday is looking good.

    Yes, I am bragging.

    Mmmmmmmm ribs. Good pig!

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  2. Please post your address, and we'll be right over...I'll bring some beer! :cool:

  3. wolf19r

    wolf19r Problem Solved!

    This and I'll pick up the banana puddin.

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  4. I'm all for feeding friends :D

    Unfortunately for you guys I'm in GA by the Savannah River.

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  5. Wish I had a smoker! But I've been doing mine during the winter months in the oven--more than 1 way to skin a pig! :cool:
  6. Winter didn't slow me down. I smoked meat all winter long. Between the smoker and the Weber kettle I rarely use the oven.

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