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  1. As the title states I've got a few questions regarded a recently purchased Rock Island Armory 1911. The pistol in question is the officer's model. I'm looking into replacing the sights, as they are quite small, but I can't seem to find a solid answer on what to order. I tried emailing Fusion Firearms but I haven't heard back from them. Here's a photo with my new BP9CC


    As you can see it has the tiny GI style sights on it. Does RIA use the standard Colt dovetail? I've read that it uses a stake on from sight, will any stake on front sight work? This is the set I'm looking at: http://www.fusionfirearms.com/servlet/the-746/1911-Colt-white-dot/Detail

    I know they will need to be fitted slightly and I have a smith that's more than capable of doing the job, I just want to make sure I'm buying the correct sights!

    Also, can anyone recommend a set of inexpensive slim grips? I like thin pistols and would like to try thin grips, but would hate to spend $50+ and find out I don't like them. Thank you!
  2. the Colt sights are not much bigger, if is they fit, those sight on your gun are very rugged, I will leave them along if you are going to CCW only, BTW nice RIA

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  3. I would just like something slightly taller along the lines of a Springfield Mil-Spec. 3-dot sights would be nice. Eventually I will be replacing the front with a night sight, but for now taller sights will do just fine.

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