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REX Magnum powder data

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by robert91922, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Momentaly only two brands of handgun powders can be bought In Slovenia:
    Vihtavuori and Rex ( )
    I made some loads with VV N105 and already posted chrono data here on GT.
    BUT: I found Rex Magnum gunpowder to be very useful for 10mm loading too.
    I took 180gr 10mm copper plated bullets made by LOS ( ), the only manufacturer of bullets here in my country and Rex Magnum gunpowder which is the slowest burning of 5 Rex gunpowders that can be bought here (Rex 0, Rex I, Rex II, Rex III and Rex Magnum). The results are very interesting, especially because of very low price for Rex comparing to Vihtavuori:
    1 kg VV = 75 EUR, 1kg Rex = 30 EUR (1EUR=1.4USD)

    To make it shorter, here are today's Rex Magnum 10mm data:

    - Glock 20 stock barrel
    - recoil spring: DPM MS Glock20 3-spring system
    - primers: CCI 300 LP
    - powder: Rex Magnum
    - bullets: LOS copper plated RNFP 180gr -
    - brass: Starline (new)
    - COAL: 1.260
    - temperature: 54 ºF (12ºC)

    load (grains) average (fps)

    At 13gr of Rex Magnum the case is almost full, this gunpowder can be compressed because of it's shape (rounded soft leaves) and still burns ok.
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  2. - Glock 20 stock barrel
    - primers: CCI LP 300
    - recoil spring: DPM MS Glock20 3-spring system
    - powder: Rex Magnum
    - bullets: Speer GDHP 165gr
    - brass: Starline and Winchester (both new)
    - COAL: 1.260 and 1.265 (last 3 loads)
    - temperature: 46 oF (8 oC)

    load (grains) average (fps)

    At 12,8 a bit more significant case bulging started, but no smileys yet. Primers were also a bit flattened.
    IMO no danger for KB if you are using virgin new good cases.
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  3. Burien


    Aug 19, 2009
    I have not seen the REX Magnum powder around, I have used REX II for a few years now and use it for most all my calibers, I have not used it with 10mm yet, I'm thinking 5.5 grains to start out with for 180 gn plated bullet. REX II has usually followed load data of Titegroup by grains, but titegroup is much smaller when you look at the volume it takes up in the case. I'll post my findings some time soon.
  4. IMO Rex II is way too fast for heavy 10mm bullets. Maybe only for 135gr but got to be very careful, I can't give you any starting data for Rex II & 10mm. Well, I've been experimenting a year ago with Rex III but you can't get out some hot loads with it...maybe weak plinking loads only.
    I can recommend only Rex Magnum. I can't see any reason for Rex M. not to be available in USA because Rex II and Rex III can already be bought there.
    For mild plinking/target loads I use 10gr Rex Magnum and 180gr copper plated bullets (1200 fps)
    I will try to find my data for Rex III. Anyway, Rex powders are very interesting because of their low price, clean burning and availability for making compressed loads like mine 12gr/180gr and 13gr/165gr are.
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  5. MakeMineA10mm

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    Feb 13, 1999
    Central Illinois
    Very nice report, Robert! I'm going to make a powder data thread for REX powders. Could you repost your data there, please?
  6. Thanks for making that thread, sir. I was already thinking about how to make it sticky, but didn't want to be pushy. I will repost my data soon.
    Too bad that Rex Magnum is not available yet in USA. I found it to be a great powder to make compressed 10mm loads (mild or hot) and also 9mm/147gr major loads. And beside that it is cheap comparing with other US or EU brands.
  7. MakeMineA10mm

    MakeMineA10mm * * * * Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 13, 1999
    Central Illinois
    Can you tell us what the whole line of Rex powders consists of in your country? (I'd even be interested in seeing what shotgun and rifle powders they sell on the reloading market there.)
  8. Beside Rex 0, 1, 2 and 3 we can buy also Rex Magnum. Rex company produces some other powders too, e.g. Rex Subsonic but only these 5 are available here. Company Hamex ( ) imports Rex gunpowders from Hungary and company Artek imports:

    Hodgdon powders

    and provides Rex powders too

    Rex powders were meant at first place to be shotgun powders but they are very convenient for handgun reloading too, especially because of low price, clean burning and ability to compress. You can compare price for Rex with others, regarding the weight per package of course. I load my 9mm rounds with Rex 0, 1, 2 and 3, depending on bullet weight. IPSC shooters with .40SW mostly use Rex 3 for 180gr and Rex 2 or 3 for 160 gr. For 9mm major loads Rex Magnum is very good. Before I bought mighty Glock 20 my sidearm at hunting or hiking was Glock 17 with 147gr HDY XTP's/Rex Magnum 7,3gr/OAL 29.2 mm. This load gives approx. 1180fps which is not bad for 9mm 147gr, it has a nice kick too, I had to buy MS DPM 3-spring system to change stock recoil spring.
    Now I use such DPM also in Glock 20 - I have to because I'm becoming addicted to hot 10mm shooting :embarassed:
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